How to remove A Trailer Hitch Lock WITHOUT the Key🔑


hey what's up everybody this is Jeremiah

Otto I'm going to show you a trick that

we use to remove trailer hitches when we

don't have a key we get a lot of cars to

us with the trailer hitches on and no

keys and we got to get them off so I'm

gonna show you just a trick that we do

so say you got one that has a lock on it

this one I already got off but um say

you have one it looks like this as

little keyhole and it's attached or

yours might look a little different but

there's always gonna be a weak spot on

the side of the key most the time if you

look at this one this was just straight

metal on the other side steel or

whatever we're not going to break

nothing off that but find out which side

yours has a weak spot on get yourself a

nice pipe like this a strong one one

that will fit over the lock and what you

do is you put it over the lock and then

you just pull until it'll break the weak

spot and the lock will come off I've

done this a bunch of times there's

always gonna be a weak spot when they

have a lock on these you know put your

pipe over it and then just pull pull on

it and it'll break it off like I said

one side will be really strong so don't

even bother but usually there's a weak

spot on the lock side maybe possibly on

the other side as well but you've got to

find it and that's how we get them off

when we don't have a key this this video

you know you help you or if you think

it's too dangerous get yourself a

professional to drill it off or cut it

off but yeah that's how we do it and you

know be safe obviously and I hope this

video helps you out please like comment

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appreciate it and more ideas to do it

thanks alright good look and thanks for