Security bypass tutorial.

everybody it's got a Western Reserve

harley-davidson in the service

department with a bit of a tutorial for

maybe it's an FYI depends on what your

status is regarding your motorcycle and

its security feature now we get a lot of

customers and end up getting a bike like

this 2017 Street Glide special and it

has a security feature on that if you're

familiar with how that works basically

as long as you don't have the fork lock

on and the bike is off you have a key

fob it's in your pocket it might be in a

saddle bag as long as it's within six

feet of the motorcycle basically the

bike is operable now if you take that

key fob away the bike goes dark and it

cannot be started none of the

electronics are going to work come on in

a little bit juice and show everybody

now this bike right here we've already

made live okay and that's what your

dashboard looks like okay so if I turn

this bike off one of the key features is

is that we've taken the fob away when

the fob is outside and you can see the

security features start to flash okay

when the fob is outside of six feet of

the motorcycle when I go to turn this

motorcycle on nothing screen is dark

nothing's going to happen now if you can

come in a little bit closer where your

odometer would be request you to put a

pin into the motorcycle okay you can

come on out a little bit juice in that

situation basically you're gonna enter a

pin that is pre-programmed by the dealer

or might be a pin that you've programmed

yourself customized for your own

preference it's a five digit code and

what you do is you use the turn signals

to enter that pin now we've done a very

simple one on this bike the pin is

basically one one one one one it's the

five digits okay so when I turn the bike

on and it requests me to put in that pin

I'm gonna use the left-hand turn signal

as my starting point when I push that

it's going to default to the number one

position now if one of the numbers in

the sequence was higher than one I would

push this a second time and I'll go

ahead and toggle through till it goes

all the way up until it hits the nine

position and then it comes back to one

now by using the right-hand turn signal

I'm going to advance that to its next


now it's back at zero I'll advance it to

one using the right-hand turn signal

like a spacebar advance it to its next

location again I'm going to enter that

one that we programmed in there when we

go to the fourth location again entering

one when you reach the fifth location

okay once you enter that one you'll use

the right-hand turn signal one more time

like a spacebar to plug that now the

bike is live so if you lost your fob

that's essentially how you can defeat

the security purpose obviously you're

gonna want to know your own code know

the code that you were given the day

that you purchased a motorcycle or

better yet customize your code with

something that you'll never forget

obviously if you lose the fob you want

to contact us here at the dealer or if

you're on the road and other dealers you

can get a replacement fob and get it

programmed correctly so there's a little

fYI there's little tutorial if you have

any questions you can always contact

Western Reserve harley-davidson talk to

the service department and one of your

sales representatives can help you out

as well