how to open an lock key in 12 seconde

I found a way to get all three numbers

on a combination lock in about 12

seconds I have a fortress standard

combination lock and I'll show you how

to get all three numbers so the first

step is to push up on your metal clamp

make sure you're pushing up enough so

that it's not falling down at all

spin you're down to the right until you

hear a click make sure you spend evenly

that was the click here it is again

there now once the click happens spin

your dial to the right twice two more

numbers alright that's your first number

my first number is 36 now while still

pulling up on the middle clamp spin your

dial to the left until it stops that'll

be your second number mine stopped on 38

now to get the last number spin the dial

to the right while still holding up on

your clamp until it opens it'll be very

choppy that's how it's supposed to be my

final number was 9 so my final numbers

were 36 38 9 that's I open up a fortress

combination lock with no tools or