Question: How Do I Clean My PC After I Was Remotely Hacked By a Microsoft Impersonator?

this question comes from Diane I have

been Hat's

social engineering how I know I have

been hacked is because I watch your

intro to hacking and you told me what I

had already thought I got a phone call

telling me they were Microsoft and that

they would have helped me they told me

to go to areas in my computer and led me

to my IP address I believe this was how

they got my trust and this and that this

was Microsoft calling me to rescue after

I let them in they then charged me for

helping me yes I'm dumb I gave him a

credit card number I have all new cards

now they were smart snake and just left

free Microsoft antivirus on my computer

and a phone number I could call if I had

a problem I could use the number to call

them for help well that's gone okay so

I've been hacked what can I do to take

my computer back do you have a video

that shows me what I need to know to

protect my computer I did have spy Bob I

do have CC clean from piriform

I used your videos to help myself I also

malwarebytes anti-malware I don't like

this the free version does not cover a

lot is really a pain it keeps popping up

and I have to try set this and it will

not let me unless I buy the full version

it appears with games and causes

freezing I just use my computer to play

on Facebook and pay my bills online I

like to research information and use the

office word - I like your videos

you're very good explaining what you do

and go from there can you please help me

or make a video for dummies like me umm

yes so if you get a phone call from

Microsoft hang up Microsoft does not

care about you here's what here is here

is the one time it is actually a good

thing to know that Microsoft really

doesn't care about you if you get a call

from Microsoft hang up very important

though honestly with any any of you

folks out there if you get calls from

any of these major companies you know

Microsoft Google who the hell knows what

if you get any incoming call basically

don't trust it I don't care who is from


Verizon any company that calls inbound

to you and then starts asking questions

or starting to it starts doing anything

do don't don't accept it don't just just

give a middle finger

hang up the phone and walk away it is a

scam it is a scam if you're really

worried about it if you're really

worried about it here's a thing don't

ask them for their number and then call

their number if you're really worried

about it what you should do is hang up

then go to Yellow Pages or go to Google

find out what the the phone number for

the company is supposed to be and then

try to recall in that way and see what

it's about but I can tell you being a

consultant for years and years and years

being a computer guy for years and years

and years Microsoft has never called me

Google's never called me AT&T only ever

called me and that was because there's

some way to cut a card problem but these

companies just don't call you so they

call you just hang the hell up don't

give them credit card numbers don't give

them anything else just hang the hell up

so okay this person has been hacked

obviously was bad especially if they

were able to install things on her

computer that means they had remote

access to their computer and if they

were able to install things with remote

access that also means they had

administrator permissions which means

who the hell knows what they installed

silently so whenever you're installing

anything on two computers you can either

install them in what is called verbose

mode essentially and verbose mode means

you actually see the installation

process or you can do it in quiet mode

basically with what quiet mode is is you

can add a number of arguments to the

executable file for installation and

then it will simply use those arguments

and do it seamlessly in the background

you don't even see it happen so for

normal administrators we normally use

this like we're going to install an

Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader or

whatever update we don't necessarily

want our users messing around with the

install so what we'll do is when the

computer boots up within an enterprise

environment it will it will grab the

command in order to install that update

silently it will update in the

background and the user doesn't even see

that it happens right so that's a

problem if you gave them

mode access with administrator

permission to your computer we have

literally no effing idea what the hell

they did to the computer so you know

that pretty beautiful new computer

you've been looking at buying that's

probably what I would do haha now that's

probably what I would do especially if

you're at this level can you clean up

the computer yeah or can the computer be

cleaned up yes do I trust you to do it

no um so yeah grab your credit card and

go to Best Buy and buy a new computer

can I suggest a Mac I really like Mac's

series a problem I know a lot of geeks

are out there screaming they're like ela

you're being an a-hole why are you

telling this woman to buy a new computer

cuz here's the problem what really needs

a happen right really what needs to

happen at this point is there is no

simple process for cleaning up your

computer there just isn't we don't know

what the hell was put into it we don't

know what registry hacks are there we

don't know what startup routines are

there we don't know what they hid on

your system that can be doing who the

hell knows what we simply don't there's

not enough time there's not enough money

to worry about it so essentially if you

really want to clean your computer what

you what you need to do is you need to

pull your hard drive out of your

computer you need to connect it into a

different computer preferably with Linux

or something and basically do a full

format do a wipe of the drive so that

every single bit and byte is reset on

that damn Drive and there is nothing

that is residual on that hard drive you

then need to take that hard drive you

need to plug it back into the original

computer and you need to reinstall the

Windows operating system with all of

your other software reconfigure it and

go from there that is the way to secure

your system a lot of people are like no

we lie that stupid because what you can

do is now some people are going to say

well what you can do is simply do like a

factory restore or such on your computer

so a factory restore is you go to the

Start menu you go to whatever brand look

butter manufacturer your computer has

there'll be some little folder you click

on that there should some be some like

little restore link you click on that

then you'll say do you want to restore

your computer back to factory defaults

you say yes wallah the issue is is when

it restores back to factory defaults

it doesn't delete all the files it

doesn't get rid of everything gets rid

of 99 percent of stuff but we have to

realize is if you're dealing with

hackers that are smart enough to do what

they did to you that 1% of crap still

left on your computer may very well be

viruses and malware that will then end

up reinfecting your computer so we see

this a lot with with normal users they

go through they go through 99% of the

things that they need to do they forget

about that 1% and then that reinfect

their computer and they're back to

square one

so yeah that's really for you again I

don't going to have a lot of people

screaming at me but probably buy a new

computer or hire hire somebody to again

but they need to form a they need to

format that entire damn Drive and then

they need to restore it after it's been

formatted if you do not format that

drive in restore I want to touch that

computer I would not touch that computer

with a damn 10-foot Pole I really really

really really really really would yeah

that's that's my thoughts probably not

what you want to hear but that's my

thought the other thing you can think

about doing I guess you could think

about is if you only use your computer

for Facebook and basic research this may

be the time to think about migrating to

Linux Linux lots of people like Linux

whether or not it's technically more

secure than Windows as a whole argument

unto itself we're not going to go into

here but generally within the real-world

situation it ends up being more secure

than Windows so you may look at that so

go to a buddy's computer Ubuntu is a

good version of Linux you can do a bun

too you can use Mint a lot of people

like mint I don't know ask a buddy

download the ISO basically use that

install that as the operating system of

your computer that would also fix your

problem so those are your options buy a

new computer frankly probably your

solution completely format the hard

drive and then reinstall everything it

works I just don't think you can do it

or again install Linux basically when

you install Linux it will wipe out

everything on your computer and it will

be Linux so it'll be more secure and go

from there those are my thoughts and for

everybody else out there

remember if Microsoft or Google or any

of these companies call hang up hang up

and swear at them