How to remove trigger lock easy. No drilling required.

okay hello everybody this is cliff from

ducks for waterfowl shop today I'm

making a video for a problem that I just

ran into I'm going to be showing you how

to remove a trigger lock from a gun when

you no longer have the key I took my gun

out today to do some cleaning and I

thought about shooting it and realized

that I don't want to have the key for

the trigger lock and that's no good

trigger locks on the gun can use it

right so anyways we're going to show you

how to take it off so basically you know

I I'm no I'm no master of love you know

I lock sigh I don't know what every

piece is called this and that but

basically you got this piece and this

piece has ridges you slide this piece on

and then this little metal piece here it

slides on the original locks right

and you turn the key the ridges go

smooth because this piece turns with the

key go smooth like the lock slides right

right apart

without without the key though your

trigger lock is obviously going to stay

locked it's going to do what it what

it's intended to do so based on I'm

gonna put this lock on on my gun and I'm

gonna you know just like I took it out

today so my lock is on my gun now stand

back you can see this it's on the gun

and then coming off its it's on there to

get this off all you needs a screwdriver

you screwdriver this size here anything

bigger you probably won't be able to get

it between your trigger guard and the

trigger lock and you won't be able to do

any prying on that little metal piece

that I showed you so basically you wanna

you wanna that little metal piece that I

showed you earlier you want to take your

screwdriver stick it in between you can

see if I can do this so you can see on

the camera want to take it and stick it

between the trigger guard which is that

right there and the trigger lock and

that little metal piece that slides on

those ridges it pry if he can pry it

back and if you pry it back

so let's take a second pry it back like

so trigger lock come off and that little

nut that little metal piece I'm talking

about this piece right there right below

the screwdriver not a little metal piece

right there you can take it and it'll

it'll move just a little bit you can pry

it back in it a lot it'll slide off

those ridges and you can get the trigger

lock off and I unless you can find the

key I don't recommend you using that

trigger lock again you might want to go

buy another one I'm actually going to

stop using the trigger locks with the

key I'm just going to use a combination

lock from now on because I'm tired of

losing keys but anyways that's how you

get your trigger lock off your gun I

hope you found that educational yeah so

it's off it's all usable and good to go

so yeah I hope this has helped someone

who is one to use a shotgun but don't

have the key and everyone have a happy

waterfowl season