[435] Sig Sauer Gun Lock Picked

this is the lock-picking lawyer and what

i have for you today

is the gun lock that is distributed with

many of the Sig Sauer firearms sold in

the United States this is a relatively

common gun lock design and it's

essentially a 30 millimeter flexible

shackle padlock this particular one is

made in China and has a laminated steel

construction we look at the bottom we

can see that there is an anti drill

plate in front of that core and that

really struck me as odd because as I

look at this lock and think of all the

different ways to destructively defeat

this drilling out that core is really

really low down on the list so it

strikes me as quite out of place on a on

an inexpensive lock like this but I

guess it's nice to see them making some


now of course Sig Sauer is not the

actual company that makes this they only

distribute it with their guns the

company that is listed on the paperwork

that comes with this lock is DAC

technologies out of Little Rock Arkansas

and it is their model CL five five one I

am was able to find this model on their

website and when sold in bulk

I believe they sell it for about six

dollars a piece

seven dollars if you buy it singly I

suspect six hours getting a much better

deal than that now I was not able to

find the CL 5 v 1s however I suspect

that s just designates the particular

lock that's distributed with Sig Sauer

firearms again that's just a guess but

probably seems about right

so let me show you how we use this gun

lock what we do is insert the key and

once we turn it we can remove one end of

that flexible shackle then we lock the

action of the handgun open and insert

one end of that long flexible shackle

through the magazine well at the top of

the action

and then relock that flexible shackle

into the lock body okay so what does

putting this flexible shackle padlock

through the gun do does a couple of

things first once it's in there you

cannot fully close the action if the

action can't be closed this gun will not


it also takes up some space in the

magazine well and that of course

prevents you from inserting a magazine

in the gun so this firearm is truly

disabled right now it can't be fired so

the question then becomes what does it

take to pick this guy open so let's give

that a try right now we can see that's a

really really tiny key way that might

give us some trouble fitting both a

tension wrench and a pick in there

however that anti drill plate is

actually attached to the core so I can

put my tension right on that anti drill

plate up doesn't look like I locked it

up all the way okay I can put my tension

right on that anti drill plate and that

saves us a lot of space in the keyway

now let's use our standard hook and

18-thousand and get to picking one is

loose two is binding

and just after picking number two this

lock opened up let's try that one more

time as you saw that lock wasn't totally

closed the first time we tried putting

tension in to insert that key remove it

okay hopefully it will give us a little

bit better performance this time okay

little click out of one number two is

binding lifting him up feels pretty high

and this lock is open okay let's look up

look at the at the key

maybe that has to do with the bidding oh

wow look at that

okay those back two pins that we didn't

touch it all are very very low I'm

betting that they are at the shear line

before we touch them at all so we really

only had to pick those first two pins so

even though this is a four pin lock we

only have to pick two that's a little

bit disappointing I actually have one

more of these locks right here and and

let's give this one a try see if it's

any better okay putting tension in the

exact same way and using the same 18,000

standard hook okay one is loose little

click out of two three is loose for

nothing there back to one one is loose

click at it to click out of three

nothing on for one is binding better

click out of him and that guy opened up

okay so this one gave us a little bit a

little bit better performance come on

open up there we go okay a little bit

better of a performance however still a

relatively easy to open for pin lock

nothing that even a novice picker would

have any trouble opening at all so

from looking at the DAC website we can

see this is a relatively inexpensive

lock and it certainly provides a level

of security that's commensurate with

that very very low certainly not

something that I would trust to protect

my firearm from being discharged by an

unauthorized person I can think of a lot

better options probably the best of

which is putting in a quality gun safe

that's gonna be the gold standard here

and this is probably near the bottom of

the barrel when we talk about locks that

we're gonna be putting on our guns

clearly it's better than nothing but not

a whole lot more so that's all I have

for you today on this gun lock that is

distributed with Sig Sauer firearms

that's the DAC technologies model cl5

five one if you have any questions or

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