How to remove a trigger lock without the key


hey everybody Indiana Magnum again so

the other day I was out at the gun club

and this fella showed up and

unfortunately he had forgotten the keys

to his trigger locks um no that's not

usually a very big deal but he was a

long way from home and he you know

really didn't want to have to go all the

way home to to get his keys so anyway we

keep a few tools out at the gun club

that I was able to you know quickly show

him how to get the trigger locks off so

I thought to myself well maybe there's

you know maybe there's a few other folks

who might be interested in knowing it's

pretty simple because it happens to all

of us I think we've all forgot our

trigger locks or our keys to our trigger

locks that is at some point in time I

know I've done it

that's why nowadays I use the trigger

locks that have the combination on set

your own combination I don't like these

keyed ones you know either you forget

your keys or you end up with so many

trigger locks and so many different keys

and takes you five minutes to find the

key I've seen all kinds of guys doing

that struggling looking for the right

key for the right lock so I like that I

like the combination ones but still a

lot of these old key ones around and

fortunately they're really really simple

to get off if you don't mind destroying

the locked um

now I've seen other guys who didn't want

to you know break the lock so sometimes

I've seen where the lock hasn't been on

real tight and they're able to get in in

between the two halves with a

screwdriver and mess around and get it


you know or sometimes somebody else

there's only so many combinations for

these for the most parts so for so many

keys that is so sometimes somebody else

has the right key for your lock but

there's probably other tricks too but me

I just destroy them and they're real

easy to do all you need is a drill bit

small drill bit and a drill and it's

handy if you've got a little screwdriver

these things are made of brass for the

most part inside they're not high

security locks they're just made of

brass in there so they're real easy to

drill out you just zip gone so let's

drill one


so again there you have it

drill down through all the tumblers take

your screwdriver stick it in the hole

you've drilled turn it just like a key

pull it apart in case I just locked it

still seems to work

nothing to do it

talk to you later folks