How to Unlock a GSM Phone

this is Lisa from mobile tech review and

today we're not reviewing a phone and I

do have a micro sim in my hand right

here that's because we're going to talk

about unlocking phones boys and girls

ladies and gentlemen this happens to be

a samsung galaxy s5 right here it

doesn't really matter so much what phone

we're talking about though in this case

as long as this is a gsm phone and in

the United States that means t-mobile

and AT&T for the big carriers you can

unlock your phone to use it on other

carriers ah it gets to be a complicated

thing though because you also want to

make sure if you're doing that that the

proper bands are supported that you look

at voice and edge to G data remember 2g

yeah a long time ago but on most phones

these days across 18 T and t-mobile

fellas they often even 3G not always LTE

so if you're thinking about getting a

phone that's sold by a competing carrier

from your Kerry in the United States

make sure it has the LTE bands and

usually the specs page on review

certainly will tell you which LTE bands

are supported also the manufacturers but

that's a you people who are on Sprint

and Verizon that uses CDMA not GSM

different kind of network technology

unlocking phones doesn't apply there

that's a whole nother complicated kind

of thing there so this is really for you

people who want to take a phone to use

it on gsm networks overseas have AT&T

have t-mobile or where the MVA knows

which means a virtual operator that uses

one of the big carriers networks or a

subsidiary network for example on Sprint

Boost Mobile virgin also there are some

city areas of Sprint so if you want to

take a sprint phone and use it on

boosting unlocking doesn't apply because

this doesn't apply once again to CDMA

phones but every time an i/o wireless or

Cricket Wireless there envía knows our

subsidiaries on AT&T you can do it

there's also subsidiaries on t-mobile's

network and again like I said if you

want to go overseas of course then well

there you go you unlock the phone and

you'll probably at least get edge for

data 3G and definitely voice on the

phone so why not just call it your

carrier and get the unlock code you can

do that you should do that if you can do

that because that is free the trick is

often when phones come out carriers

don't have the unlock codes for a couple

of months the other thing is you have to

be a customer in good standing that


usually around three months of service

you've been paying your bills on time

that kind of thing so if you're buying

the phone off Craigslist if it was your

uncle Pete's phone in the drawer he no

longer has service on that carrier so he

can't call him up an answer yeah lock on

you're gonna need one uh-huh

you can also buy unlock phones too there

are importers who sell unlock phones as

another alternative they're often very

expensive so often is keeper just to go

on Craigslist and say hey I want to pick

up Samsung Galaxy s4 that's now last

year's model it's discounted so where do

you give unlock codes well our logo has

been supplied by cell unlocker debt net

now there's there's another company

that's just sell unlock net this one is

sell unlock ernet they sell codes for

$35 so if you can't get one free from

the carrier you're gonna have to pay

somebody to get that code and there's a

lot of places some of them are reputable

in the net like cell and lock or dotnet

is and there's some iffy ones and

there's some on eBay you never know who

you can trust so if you're going to

share your phone's IMEI number which you

have to do that's the phone serial

number which you can usually find in the

About section of your phone you want to

know it's somebody reputable and well

these folks are so they give us an

unlock code for the new Samsung Galaxy

s5 I happen to have the t-mobile version

here I'm going to unlock and we're going

to see how that goes right now and how

it works okay so here we have the

Samsung Galaxy s5 this one happens to be

like I said on t-mobile they don't brand

the shell on it but trust me it's my

t-mobile phone if we swipe it down

you'll see t-mobile at the bottom right


t-mobile us that is now being that this

is a samsung galaxy this brings up one

more interesting point recent Samsung

Galaxy phones are also region lock that

means lock to a region of the world yeah

so that makes a bit more complicated so

what do you have to do if you have a

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 galaxy s3 s4 as

fun is you actually have to use it once

with the actual proper carrier SIM the

one it was meant to come with if you got

one that's not sold unlocked it comes

locked to a carrier after that you can

unlock it so that makes things a little

bit more complicated and a cell phone on

Locker dotnet actually has an

explanation of how it works with the

Galaxy phones and telling you you better

do that first or have the original owner

if they're selling it to you make sure

to actually put their proper SIM card in

there once to do that so easy enough to

do after you prefer I the IMEI of the


most on lockers will provide you some

instructions in the email about how to

do it but almost all phones are going to

work the same way first will be nice

turn the phone off before we yank out

its battery and swap it SIM card did I

have my little unlock code right here

that I got via email from them so take

out the SIM card and put in the SIM card

you wish to use let's take out the

t-mobile SIM card here which is not the

easiest thing to get to because it's

underneath the micro SD card alright so

I finally gotten the SIM card out kind

of a pain to get out here it's not a

spring-loaded SIM slot so I actually

used a little piece of tape on the end

to kind of grab it and pull it out of

here but that's just the way the Galaxy

s5 is and we're going to put in our

active AT&T SIM card right here also

micro SIM so it fits in the hole just

fine thank you very much put my micro SD

card back in there put the battery back

in you'll put back back on so it doesn't

complain about the waterproofing not

being sealed up and will boot her up now

when you boot it up again this works

this way most phones is going to say aha

wrong carrier SIM card and your unlock


now you usually get three tries if you

flunk three times trying so you get a

bad unlock code or you're drunk when

you're trying to do this then you'll

have to get an unfreeze code which is a

little bit hard to find sell and lock or

dotnet also can provide those to you but

those try not to make mistakes in other

words and that's why you should use

somebody reputable so you're not

monkeying around with the wrong unlock

codes and first it's going to ask for my

fingerprint verification and see there

it is so now I'm going to punch in my

code and it says network lock is very

quick kind of miss out there network

unlock successful so and we're going to

turn off Wi-Fi thanks so we make sure

we're using data and right now it's

searching now let's see if we have any

compatible bands on this phone to work

with AT&T for data alright so we had

good old edge we didn't even have 3G

advice and that has to do

the APN so this gets a little bit more

geeky a twits an APN it's some of your

techie settings right here we go into

settings we go into more networks now

this will depend on the phone to some

phones automatically pick up and have a

lot of ApS which is basically server

connection list built in others

especially with galaxy s5 they really

would carries would prefer if you don't

buy it on one network and then swap it

to the other so they don't make it too

easy on you so the basic one was just

for edge to G and voice so what I did is

add in the APN for LTE under access

point names there I created this one now

the important thing right here though

they have to enter in is the APN name

which is PTA in the case of a TLT and 4G

network meaning 4G HSPA+ also I didn't

bother putting in the MMS field you can

find that online you can Google on ATT

APN settings if that's the carrier

particularly want to move to and for APN

type you have to type in all that stuff

in that field if you type tap on any

field you can actually edit so that's

how we got the 4G showing up here so

let's give a data test now and see how

it works and we've got speed test off

the net installed here

hey let's run a test and see what we get

and those are HSPA speeds I don't

believe this has LTE bands for AT&T this

t-mobile version so again you're going

to check it depends on the phone as to

what LTE bands is going to have it's not

uncommon for LTE bands to be pretty

limited with HSPA which is usually

called 3G some carriers still call it 4G

you'll see up to Penta band commonly

these days that means five different

bands so you get a lot of coverage for

overseas networks and for the major US

networks as well don't read on the

upload speed there but anyway obviously

it works and again it's going to depend

on the network on the phone on the

carrier that you're choosing as to what

speed you get but it's all good it's all

working so there you go that's how to

unlock your phone get an unlock code

unlock your GSM phone again

not for CDMA phones just for GSM phones

but really and if you want to travel

overseas if you're picking up a used

phone that sort of thing I'm Lisa from

mobile tech review be sure to visit our

website for more interesting articles on

how to make the most of your phone and

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