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hey this is ugly for magic beans and in

this video I'm going to be showing you

the Graco SnugRide snug lock elite

infant carseat

if you have any questions about this car

seat or any other car seat just leave a

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or questions that means calm let's take

a look so here we go the Graco SnugRide

smog lock elite really nice cushy firm

from Greco they have a non refit harness

all you have to do is pull pull in these

little orange tabs and it goes up and

down and it makes the the headrest go up

and down the straps go up and down

remember when you have an infant car

seat you want the straps at the

shoulders and below with your infant car

seat but it's nice that you're able to

seamlessly move the headrest right up as

the baby gets bigger but the thing that

makes this car seat super innovative and

I'm so happy that Graco did this is that

they have this new insulation system so

all you have to do is pull up here and

it opens up this whole sort of section

opens up so you it does come with the

ability to use latch so if you do want

to use latch to install your car seat

for your lower anchors you can but what

you can do is you can take your seat

belt just put it right through this

channel and close and it's installed

really easy you don't have to sort of

tug it and pull on it it makes it really

easy to install so it's great seeing

this wonderful innovation from Reiko

also they added some nice shock

absorbing materials on the base as well

so again elephant magic beans if you

have any questions about this car seat

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