Google Pixel / XL: How to Remove Forgot Password / Pin / Pattern

hi everyone I'll show you how to reset a

password pattern whatever you have on

your Google pixel as you can see on

right here this is the first model but

it's gonna work for the second model too

now how video if you want to check it

out so if you don't know password make

sure you turn it off completely Bart the

fun of and then once the phone is off

completely off you want you to hold it

while you mown so it's now it's off and

on press bar it is and it's gonna get

you to this screen

no scroll down again go to a recovery

mode then press bar again and then once

you see like dead Android right here

you'll need to press power hold power

hand press volume up and it's gonna get

you to this screen and let's scroll down

to wipe data/factory reset' it's gonna

completely believe it all of this stuff

of the phone it's not gonna reset google

lock if you have a google lock it's not

gonna reset it but it's gonna delete all

the passwords and the data on the phone

it's gonna remove all the locks it has

like most of them except like google

lock it's not gonna delete it now reboot

system now press you'll take some light

some time to load it up since it's

pretty much just like new device

if you need a Google unlock there's a

bunch of people who can do it on eBay

it's pretty cheap for like ten bucks but

some of the phones will not will not

have Google lock

he's gonna take three minutes to load it


so be patient

okay here it is it final load it up so

now you can bypass all of this stuff you

can see no password just like a new

phone okay I guess the phone died so but

anyway there's no more capacitor thanks

for watching buh-bye