Google Pixel 3 Xl How to reset Forgot Password / Pin / Pattern.

everyone else you have to be best

password than your Google pixel 3 so

it's turn device off completely they

need to hold volume down and then power

at the same time so hold volume down and

I'm Paul right until you get to this

screen now you can use volume keys to

scroll down to recovery mode once you

see the recovery mode player press power

key and then once you're in the recovery

mode once you see this screen you need

to press first power button and volume

up to bypass that and then scroll down

to wipe data and in factory reset click

here say yes you want to erase

everything of the phone it's gonna

delete everything you have so pictures

all data will be gone after this make

sure you want to do this and then reboot

the system now you'll take extra time to

star device it could take up to a minute

or two to factory Erie so it's pretty

much just like a new phone is gonna be

so let's wait okay here it is a past a

loading screen so now you can bypass all

this activation screen just give make

sure you remember password this time

escape all this stuff if you want ask

you password maybe good choice so don't

forget ok so you can see it's fully

working though thanks for watching if

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