Google Pixel 2 / XL: How to Remove Forgot Password / Pin / Pattern...google pixel 3

hi everyone I'll show you have to reset

password' art pattern on your google

pick so I see you can see on right here

so turn it off phone completely once

phone is completely off you'll need to

hold volume down and power and then as

soon as you feel vibrate release power

so if you feel vibrate and now it's

gonna get you scroll down to recovery

mode press power and then you will see a

dead Android like this one you'll need

to press power again press power hold

bar and up press volume up and here it

is scroll down to wipe data and factory

reset press power and I'd say yes it's

not gonna remote go go lock but I'll

delete the password and pattern gonna be

just like a new phone

now click reboot system now and wait

until it's gonna reset completely phone

you'll take it a little bit of time to

load up since just leaving you

it's taking a while

loading loading

there you go press Start escape escape

this font doesn't have Google lock so

you're gonna be able to bypass all this

stuff but if it has Google lock you

won't be able to bypass Skiba anyway if

you want to set up so just like pretty

much new phone will be thanks for

watching bye bye