frp bypass/ google vitrification bypass alcatel fierce 4

hello guys it's me Z from Wireless

solution and today we are going to work

on the Alcatel fearless form to show you

how to we are going to bypass the Google

verification account so for this purpose

we are going to type something something

random press and hold it then you can

see these three dots select on this one

select assess now you are on this screen

once you are on this screen so you will

type setting once you go to setting so

you will go to the security security and

unknown source you will turn the unknown

source on okay so we can download any

software so it will not give you

problems after that what you need to do

you will go to apps in apps you will go

looking for the lookout here no count so

you will disable it this able app clear

a clear storage go back so you will go

back once you are here so then you need

to go to the you will search for Google

okay so you'll go back here you will

type Chrome

once you enter on the crawl

so here exceptin continue no thanks

here we will type test DPC search for it

once you come here you will go down go

down you will come here to test DPC two

point zero point six APK download click

on this one once you click on this one

go down download APK it's going to be

downloaded it will take a few seconds

update permission allow okay then open

once you open it you will click on this

one in style

wait for it in a few second it will be

installed and open it once you open it

it is a new new device owner in cracked

so now plug in the charge and try again

so we need to plug the phone in the

child to try the encrypt so let me show

you how it works after this now guys you

can see that I plug the phone into the

charge so it's telling me that can be


crap the phone so it will take a few

seconds a few moments while it's going

to be restarted so just give me a few

seconds while I pause the video so guys

the phone is encrypting now so you will

process these processes sorry I'm

handling the phone in my hand so that's

why it will give you a little problem so

make sure the phone is plugged into the

charge otherwise it's not going to be

processed from that step ok guys the

phone is now here so you will click Next

hit next wait for it


let me take a few moments while

completing this process now setup okay

now here what you need you need to

restart the phone you know once you are

here stop okay now you need to see it is

new 8 account with the name I'll just

keep it finish now you are here so what

you need to do go to the setting once

you go to the setting then you need to

go back up factory reset then reset the

phone here is everything so now it's

gonna take a few moments and the phone

will be restarted and erase everything

and then you can use your own phone okay

and you guys can see the phone is being


I passed the video because it take a few

seconds so that's why I pass the video

now you need to skip everything and you

will go to the main screen and you're

good to go

let me connect to Wi-Fi we take a little


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this video but somebody else needs

it will take a little time because we

restart the phone factory set so it's

like doing every updates and checking

every connections

I'll pause the video while it's being

processed so then I'll come back well so

I removed the internet from both of

their so in this way it's a little easy

for us to skip that process now you

should skip anyways

in here you go with a new one completely

new everything you got you wipe out it

thank you have a nice one enjoy your day

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