(picking 458) Fun with a TSA lock sent by 'Lock Noob' (picking & decoding) - "GO TRAVEL" / TSA 001

welcome to a go travel T as a lock which

was sent to me by a lock noob yeah buddy

thank you very much for lorac head it's

a funny little lock because it has a lot

of security features which do not match

so unbalanced security features by the


lock new featured this lock on his

channel before he sent it to me so if

you want to have a look at his video

please go and check it out

but now let's have some fun with this

lock here on this channel unbalanced

security features for example the lock

body itself is made from a solid metal

so it's very heavy and feels yeah

feels really robust but in contrast to

that there is this very thin almost

fresh are looking shackle which you

could feels like you could pull it out

with your finger or you can at least

very easily cut it

try the magnet it doesn't attract to the


so let's not sink that's not steal maybe

it's brass paint it and coat next we

have the decor itself which is a very

cheap wafer tumbler and you can see the

bidding which is actually not a real

bidding it's almost flat look opens no

problem but what you can do with a

bidding like that you can just use a

tension wrench and try to find the right

depth for the for the wafers and then

turn it open let's see if this works and

here we go it's open okay try it one

more time

and it's yeah I'm not a big deal

opens really quick in contrast to that

we have the combination part which is a

little bit tougher so if you have

entered the right code you can push the

button and the lock pops open and in

order to change the combination you need

to going to use this tool you need to

push down this little button to press

this button here and you can change the

code and lock is locked up and we have

changed the code yeah and to decode this

lock you need to push down the button so

there were the attention to internal

locking mechanism then you can you can

feel the state of the wheels but this is

a very painful operation when you do it

a couple of ten seconds and you really

need to push down hard on this button to

feel the binding states of the of the

wheels and the wheels have false gates

so every second number every second

position is a gate and you have only one

true gate of course and then you wanna

manipulate the the wheels to find out if

it's a false or true gate it's very hard

at least for from me with my dick

fingers to turn the wheels especially

the first wheel when while by pushing

down the button and to make it a little

bit more comfortable for me I will use

this spare part from a check it it's

half of a of a not true push down the

button oops

and for turning the wheels come on and

for turning the wheels I will use this

pin here just this pin needle oops so I

can easily turn it without interfering

with my finger so first push down the

button try to get every wheel in the


so here at three its you feel resistance

left and right from the number I leave

it at three here it's nine and here it's

eight I also felt a little given an OP

order on a button so now all wheels are

in a gate and now we need to find out

which is in a force gate and then turn

it until it goes into a true gate so

push down the button test every wheel so

just feel stiff this feels also stiff

this feels also stiff so I decide for

the first wheel as this appears to be

the stiffest and turn it by two

positions push down the button again and

test every wheel again the stiffest is

still the first turn it by two positions

still very stiff so how about seven

seven is very loose now so I I bet that

the first number of the combination is 7

then 9 and 8 8 feels very loose maybe 8

is right or it's currently not binding

we will see so how about 7 7 is very

stiff 5 5 is better not quite as stiff

as before so 8 5 support the same 7 is

low so probably 5 and 8 our fourth gate

so turn it to 3 3 feels pretty loose so

let's work on the last wheel 6 how about

6 mm let's go to four just every wheel

because sometimes the binding state of a

real changes when turning another wheel

go to 2 News

I would say three is not the right gate

one is much better to feel stiff now and

zero and the lock has opened yeah so

that's pretty good fun with this lock

but you need some tools to make it a

little bit more comfortable to play with

this look

yeah I had a lot of fun with this luck

so lock me thank you very much for

sending it to me yeah and everybody else

thank you very much for watching happy

picking and decoding Cheers

and bye bye