How to use a Slim Jim on a Chevy Silverado / Unlock a Car door


today I'm gonna show you how to unlock a

Chevy Silverado with a slim jim or show

you how slim jim works if you lock your

keys in it need to get it in one

whatever exactly how this works and how

we do it alright so this is my 2010

Silverado this will work on the GMC so

for Silverado whatever and you have a

basic slim jim here and yeah these

things are really cheap I'll leave a

link down in the description below for

instead of these guys here they actually

come in a different couple different

sizes if you look here it's kind of a

smaller one but this one's actually been

pre bent I've already bent it you got to

kind of have to bend these things for

one application you're gonna use it on

this one is bent for Chevy Silverado

I'll show you that here in a second but

on the tip here this is actually the

sign or the style of some Jim you're

gonna need to use to open up the

Silverado not this little one it's a

bigger one I actually have a tape

measure inside the door panel of

Silverado but once I unlock it and show

you I'll actually do situation

measurement stuff like that I'll also

show you behind the door panel on the

mechanism that works back behind here

and how it works and how this thing

actually grabs what it needs to grab and

unlocks the car door and that's pretty

much the trick is knowing how the door

actually functions with all that's how

it locks and how it unlocks and things

like that if you know that then you can

use a slim jim I know that so I can show

you kind of how it works on the

Silverado and basically your first steps

are gonna be especially with this truck

here is you can do this with this

molding on the truck but I don't

recommend it it'll be kind of hard

okay this molding actually just pops

right up it pulls right off this is on

every single Silverado and bike GMC

Sierra Tahoe there's nothing that really

holds these moldings on okay this will

make your life a lot easier if you just

pull this off okay and

we're gonna be working in this area here

okay just take note of where if you

still have this GM snow bunch of words

tempered glass all this stuff like that

right here on the glass this is where

you'll be working at I'm actually gonna

put some tape here cuz I don't want to

scratch the window okay cuz the slim-jim

will stretch the window it's gonna be

kind of careful I'm gonna scratch it up

too much I kind of want to still show

you okay so we're looking right here and

right now the car is locked and see then

I'll lock it the little stick pops up

okay so I'm gonna go ahead and lock it

finder off the tape hopefully you can

see that I'm scratching it but I'll show

you real quick how to use this thing so

again it's pre bit I'm gonna stick this

and pretty much right with the damn

signal is that okay know how it actually

kind of stops on its own we'll just

bring you down there and then kind of

has some sliding here and you're gonna

slide the bottom of it this way okay so

what you're trying to do is there's a

rod here that connects to that stick or

this indicator to the actual latch

that's in the door and you're trying to

grab it and pull it up and have this

floating slide over the slide and you're

gonna yank on it up like in this motion


alright guys so I'll go ahead and show

you what it looks like on the inside of

the door panel there you go it's on the

lock right there you can see how let's

grab it down there okay at this point

you have to open it up okay cuz it's

unmarked cuz if you move the stick down

it's gonna lock it okay so if I want to

disconnect it or pull them to pull the

stick back out right here with the jam

and boom is about all I got to do is go

and then you actually have it hooked



pretty freakin it's not really that hard

and I'll go and show you the

measurements along the slim-jim

well 24 inches long about two foot two

foot long and slim Joe and defend itself

you want to start bending it at about

five and a half inches is where you kind

of want to bend the start okay you're

gonna have to bend it till you kind of

get it but about five minutes all right

guys well that's pretty much it I hope

you enjoyed the video and if you did do

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if you lock your keys in the car and you

know something with a slim jim or if you

have a slim jim pop it right open using

this this this method here it definitely

takes a little bit of time and a little

bit of practice to do it okay and it

might work on your f-150 it might work

on your Dodge but you really need to

know how the bars are like you

know where they're at in the door

exactly how to get the tool in there

it's pretty much this is a good rough

demonstration on how to do it but an

exact demonstration on how to do it also

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