2000 to 2005 Class II GM RDS Radio Unlocking PRECAUTIONARY

making this video is a follow-up video

to my original of how to unlock these GM

class 2 RDS radios found in most

vehicles after the year 2000 your radio

looks like this and you have one of

those now in the other video I

demonstrate how to remove chips from the

board and I demonstrate the location of

the chips etc etc now I have found with

some further research there is a version

of this radio that if you remove the

chip from the board you brick the radio

you Bay you basically make your radio a

paperweight I don't want people to make

their radio a paperweight because I

don't want them to come storming down my

front door with torches and pitchforks

so I'm making this video as a follow up

as a cautionary follow up of which radio

not to do this too now as you can see

looks like any of the other RDS radios

this is a cassette CD combo this came

out of a 2002 Chevy Trailblazer I think

nothing to it now here's the board looks

very similar to the other one but I

believe this to be the first version

everything on this board looks slightly

older than the other two in my previous

video now the chips you remove any other

ends in the other video or back here

now pull the sweater as you can see the

two chips in this radio aren't in line

with each other this is the security

chip in this radio right here as you can

see I damaged it

I had actually originally tried to

remove this chip and I didn't get very

far so I ended up

I tried pin eight which is back here on

this side it bricked the radio so I

recited the chip I'm not sure what this

chip is but this is these are the two

chips in the version it's okay to do

this too when you remove that chip that

it will unlock the radio the chips are

side by side see my other video for what

that looks like but if the chips are

like this and they're opposite of each

other ones vertical and once horizontal

do not remove the chip if you have this

version and you pull this chip off

you're going to ruin your radio and

you're going to be all mad at me and

everybody's gonna be unhappy I don't

know why this is just the rate that this

is radio must be programmed differently

internally it just these just don't

accept it

they don't accept this chip being pulled

off and they don't accept pin eight

being lifted I like I said I think it's

an older version the board looks quite a

bit older than the newer versions before

you try this modification make sure your

chips are both vertical if you have the

horizontal chip and the vertical chip in

this position don't just don't

so the board looks like I took the

liberty of removing the tape player out

of this radio just to make life easier

again there's the face of the radio

looks just like the other ones they all

look pretty much the same but

electronically they're different now

the other version which is also

extremely common this one these also

need the on signal from the class to bus

in the vehicle this radio is found in

cheaper vehicles like Cavaliers the

full-size trucks s10 s later Model S

tens this is the base model radio this

radio also has a security chip and it

doesn't have normal theft luck I don't

think but it still needs that quote

unquote on signal from the car's

computer I already remove the chip from

this one and it bricked it this radio is

no good I will show you right now here's

the plug it's just a custom adapter it's

an aftermarket adapter that lets me use

the older style GM plugs which my power

supply and everything is wired to and

that it adapts to the RDF style plug so

I can switch between the versions

without having to have several harnesses

laying around

if I put in the right way and that's it

the radio does nothing else it just

stays on error and that's it the the

ones with the fancier display and the

RDS and everything those are the same

thing they'll just say error and they

won't do anything else that they'll

still have a clock generally but they'll

say error the radio won't work nothing

happens now this radio I just got it at

a thrift store locally it was only fifty

cents so I didn't feel bad breaking it I

ended up using its CD player in another

radio that had a obviously broken player

module I'm going to take this faceplate

off because in such nice shape and

usually these buttons here I'll just

completely wore off the faceplate is

still good and it will interchange with

any of the other radios and I'm just

going to put this on ebay so if somebody

has wore out buttons they can fix the

radio the rest of it I'm actually just

going to throw away since it's garbage

now I'll demonstrate the other radio

what it does it isn't brick that was


it's hard to do this from behind a

camera no life and the blinking red

light now to turn these on this works on

all of them you press five seek forward

and the power button and it comes to


as you can see the security light stays

on you can do this for 10 minutes it'll

work 10 minutes at a time and you can do

this turning it on and off 10 times then

you have to take the power away from it

and reset it I demonstrate that in my

other video as you can see it works fine

but the only way you can really make

these work again if you switch them

between your vehicle is you have to take

it to the dealer for activation there

doesn't seem to be a workaround for this

particular style board

there's no 12 volt on signal now I power

these with a 12 volt on signal some do

some don't

this version period won't work the newer

versions after 2004 like the mp3 model

found in the Colorado's the ones that

the newer ones they have a slightly

different looking button they're a

little bit more modern I don't have the

one here to demonstrate it that one

needs the on signal it won't work with a

12 volt ignition signal but a lot of

these have that built in but just

disabled so that that's what that's what

that's how I can usually make these work

so I can just run them off basic wires

on my bench there's nothing special to

it nothing there's nothing funny about

this is just bare wiring right to the

radio everything's all nice and taped up

through my adapter RadioShack power

supply and Philips speaker the adapter

lets me plug these in as well without

having to have specific adapters or

multiple adapters I just have one plug

one plug type and that's all I use

just to recap just to make sure the just

to make sure and completely clear on

this 110 percent clear for everybody if

your chips look just like this vertical

horizontal do not try to remove the chip

you will ruin your radio that's the end

of it

the radios garbage you may as well just

throw it away if your chips are if you

have two chips in line exactly like this

one here

and there'll be one here they're both

and they're both vertical with each

other from looking at the back of the

radio forward you can remove the front

most chip I will even show it show it in

automobile radio since I have it handy

the Oldsmobile version different

faceplate same electronics I've already

removed the chip from this one because

it isn't one of the Oldsmobile radios

that will work without the signal we on

signal from the canvas the chip was

there as you can see there's a chip here

and they are both in line with each


this this is the style radio it is okay

for to do too I will put a link in this

video to my previous video and that will

demonstrate how to remove the chip and

what the radio does once it's unlocked

this video is just so people don't break

their radio and get all mad at me