2003 - 2006 How to VIN Unlock Salvage Yard GM RDS Radio w/ Tech2 OR Manually Programming its EEPROM

alright guys this is the last of these

videos I'm putting together with this

bench top harness I did you know we

showed the XM stereo receiver and how to

unlock that we showed a little bit on

the body control module the powertrain

control module I'm going to end it with

the radio so again this is a working set

up I linked up at the top how you can

build a bench harness like this but it's

powered off my bench power supply and

I've got a switch here that simulates

putting the ignition switch in the run

position and we can come over here and

we show the radio is working just fine

both FM channels AM and XM is running on

the preview so I'm gonna go back here

shut it off and what I'm going to do is

I'm gonna shut this off just as if you

turn the key off we're not gonna shut

the power off to it because it's just

like leaving your battery connected and

then what I'm going to do is I'm going

to slip this XM receiver thus to shil

radio receiver aside and I'm gonna pull

out this little surrogate antenna and

I'm gonna pull out the connections in

the back of the radio that you would

normally disconnect in the vehicle what

we're going to do is going to simulate

what happens if I needed to replace this

radio for whatever reason and I go to a

salvage yard and I bring a new radio

from a different vehicle and just to

keep track of these I'm gonna put a

little one here for original and a

little R over here for replacement and

what if I brought this home and I put it

in my vehicle and I wanted to get it

going what you're gonna see of course is

it's going to be locked and I'm gonna

show you how you would normally take

care of that without having to damage or

mess up the the radio itself so now if I

turn the power back on I get this locked

message right so if I go down here and

try to change the Bands I'm not able to

do anything even though technically the

XM receiver is not locked the head units

lock so I can't change the band's or do

anything there so what would you

normally do well normally what you would

do with the dealer with this kind of

situation is you'd fire up your tech -

and I'll show you how you're supposed to

do this without tearing apart the radio

and damaging anything or modifying it

if you had a tech - and I'm gonna show

you a second way to do this afterwards

if you don't have a tattoo but I'm going

to go ahead and build the vehicle this

particular bench top harness is meant to

replicate a 2004 Chevrolet J car

Cavalier and I'm gonna go into the body

it's gonna complain about there's no

OnStar system that's normal and I'm

gonna come down to the radio and then

I'll come down to special functions and

radio setup so again you know - you know

we're not cutting this a clip you know

if I span over here the radio is still

locked all I'm gonna do is I'm going to

run this radio setup it's very similar

to what you do if you had a calibration

err on the radio and I'll link a video I

did previously with correcting a

calibration error but I'm gonna run this

setup program and one of the things this

guy is gonna ask me is what kind of

radio is this so you'll need to know

what kind of radio this is by the

regular production option sticker that's

back in the trunk and in the case of

this vehicle other vehicles that may be

in the glovebox

this happens to be a US eight radio and

there's probably some other options here

I'm just going to check nope okay so

we're just gonna check take the US eight

option now this is important for getting

the right amplification for the stereo

speakers that may have been installed in

the vehicle as well as activating

whether or not an extra amplifier might

have been in the vehicle then you

specify the region it was three it was

sold in with the vehicle and it goes

ahead and does its thing so it's gonna

run some tests and while it's running if

we take a look at the radio we see that

it has already cleared the lock message

we're gonna wait for it to finish though

before we actually power it up so it's

still doing its thing it's copying over

the VIN information from the body

control module and it has run a test to

make sure that's all okay and if we pan

over here again and we turn this guy on

we lost our particular arm station but

if I manually go or the one that I get

really well here in the garage ah hold

on a second I did forget something I did

not hook aren't

back off that is why we got some static

sorry about that

and how if I turn to a station it comes

in good and clear in this area works

just fine so that's how you would unlock

a radio normally and you see a lot of

times on eBay they'll tell you how you

have to go the dealer and get it

programmed that's what they're talking

about they're talking about running this

setup either with a physical tech 2 or

you can use an MDI unit and and run

check to win so if you have a setup like

this with the MDI right you can also use

one of these and you would just use on

these older vehicles you use the tech to

win emulator on Windows to do the exact

same thing so what if you don't have any

of these tools what can you do well what

I'm going to show you also is how you

can open up the unit and and we'll use

this one we already swapped out because

they're they're both unlock now and

they're both basically clones of each

other at this point with the same thing

and I'm going to open this unit up and

what we're gonna do is we're gonna

without touching the without damaging

the board and without removing the

EEPROM and then no lifting legs and all

these other kind of hacks you see on

these other videos if you if you if you

want to do this without damaging

everything I'm gonna show you how to

reprogram the EEPROM there's the same

thing that the tech 2 does will do

manually so let me get set up with that

and get the tech 2 out of the way and

we'll come back and do that all right

guys I've got the original radio that we

did this that we started with and your

radio may look different when I get this

apart because obviously this is the one

with a CD player and no cassette this

radio was available in o3o 405 very

similar to radios and OH - and o6 but

when I get it open it might be a little

bit different but this technique I'm

gonna show applies to them all so on

you're gonna have to first flip it over

because obviously on this piece on the

top cover we've got the CD player drive

mechanism and so we want to flip this

guy over and you can just take a small

flathead there are some slots in the

back on this lid that you can use the

screwdriver to kind of help you get this

started just kind of give it a twist and

it'll get this guy started to the point

where you get it off enough where you

can use your fingers to get it the rest

of the way and get it up a little bit

more just want to get one of these

corners up enough to do that

I think it might be enough it's enough

on this side quite enough on this side

it's got to be slow and patient with it

there it is once it pops off you can

reveal the circuit board that is inside

and let me turn a light on here it might

make it a little better no probably not

we'll go with the flashlight route the

chip we're after is one of the two that

is obscured by this tuning knob so we're

actually going to have to do some

further disassembly in order to get at

it to the point where we can use one of

these test clips to reprogram the EEPROM

so what you have to do to do that is to

remove the front plate off of this guy

and so to start that disassembly what

I'm going to do is remove these knobs so

these two will come off together there's

two pieces to them to kind of keep them

together if you can at the very base

there might be sometimes falls out but

there's a little felt piece in here if

you see those just keep keep an eye on

them and I'm also gonna remove this guy

which I see there you can see that felt

piece there it's kind of sitting in

there so when we take this off we just

want to make sure we don't lose those

they're just a little insulation pieces

and then the next thing we're going to

need to do is loosen up one of these

bolts it's holding this guy but we'll be

able to take this off before we do that

so getting this off got a series of

these little clips you're just gonna

have to work your look work off and this

part here can be a challenge to your

patience right because as you get one

off and variably they're going to want

to try to go back on

but if you can get a pair of them to

stay off for a moment and you can get

one side off and usually I'll start

winning the one in the progress with

this process what I might do just

because I'm trying to show you this in

film it might get a couple of little

studies to stick under here I let show

me a little um shims to stick under here

to keep it from snapping back let me go

grab a couple of those right I'm back

guys I just wanted to find I've got some

of these little guitar pick looking

tools use them when I'm working on a

smartphone an iPhone or an Android phone

to get the screen glass off the back or

the front screen but they'll work nicely

to keep these guys from snapping back in

on us so I'm going to start on the other

side because the tabs on the on the

other side are smaller than these tabs

but before I flip it I didn't show

pulling these wires out these harness

connections out so I want to do that now

these are just the two that connect to

the front control panel you don't need

to do this one that goes into this tuner

knob button here on this little board

just these two

alright so flip it back around put this

guy into position and take a little

sponging tool or even a small flat-head

screwdriver something you can use to

slide them in like that and then with

those guys keeping that from snapping

back in will be able to work these guys

off the side nice times we let this one

go we'll probably have those clips fall

yep there they go okay and then the last

one it's gonna be this guy it's not one

and you just want to be really patient

with these tabs because you know they're

plastic and they're they've got a lot of

miles on them at this stage this one

here I kind of bent a little bit but I

can fix that all right then we're just

gonna fold this down so we don't damage

this connection here what I can do on

this guy is I can just put a little hot

air on him from a blow dryer or

something he'll stick back his original

position okay let's keep going

next thing we want to do is take this

nut off so we can move this little board

out of the way

it's super super-thin but eventually

you'll get a bite on it and you can spin

this off and that's the only thing

that's holding this little board that's

obstructing our view in the way so get

this guy off and now with this moved out

of the way we could finally get access

to the chips we were talking about down


so when you look all the way down here

and you zoom in on these chips the guy

we're interested in is the one closest

to the metal frame to the left in the

view here it's got a house part number

on it adèle fie house part number but

it's actually a typical 24 co8 EEPROM

and that's the way we'll be able to read

it so let me go ahead and hook up the

test clip to that and then we'll come

over to the EEPROM software and read it

in and fortunately these radios the way

they're wired up you can typically read

these chips in circuit it's just a

matter of getting a good grip on it with

the test clip I think I got it there

we'll see if we've got to read over here

so I've set the IC in the particular

software I'm using as a 24 co8 that's if

we got it in the right position nope

it's missing contact with one of the

pins let me just uh Reese Wizzle that

while you can't save a lot of time not

having to remove these from the board it

does sometimes take a couple of tries to

get them into the right all right we

finally got a good read on this sorry

about the delay with the test clip so

let me tell you some of the information

that you're seeing in here so there's

two pieces of information that are

recognizable this value that you'll see

is the serial number of the radio you

can find this on the the Delco

electronics sticker that you'll see on

the side of the radio itself

and then what's tying up something this

you're not going to touch this is just

so you can kind of recognize what you're

looking at your your preset information

will be stored in here in a kind of

obfuscated way but then what's really of

use to the video here is this this value

starting at this location to here is the

last six digits of the VIN number and

and this is what we would need to unlock

now I have a version of the EEPROM in

here that I have written to this right

before we start this clip I mean

basically all I did is I came over here

and I loaded this VIN that has been pre

saved and I rewrote this chip so that we

would have that value because if you

guys are called this was a radio that

was already unlocked right so we did we

don't have a problem here with it

already being unlocked if the radios

unlocked paradoxically if you go in here

and mess with the VIN number the BCM

will go correct it and the reason is

because it recognizes the serial number

of the radio already and for whatever

reason the firmware deals with that kind

of situation so I have to get this into

a state where it's unlocked to begin

with and then I'll show you how we

unlock it manually now let me just prove

to you that we're in that kind of a

state right so we wrote this chip and we

got it sitting at this different VIN

number down here to five one two eight

four and we've got this M one four oh

six eight seven seven three nine as the

serial number so let's walk over to our

setup I'm going to take the test clip

off of this guy and then I'm just going

to route our cables in here because I do

need to reconnect the front panel so we

actually see the information displayed

on there

gotta get both of these to come through

we go

I'm gonna reconnect the small guy and

then I'm gonna go reconnect the larger

one sometimes just a little bit of slack

that gets caught up if you don't route

it to the exact same little crevice I

went up to high and cut off some of my

slack so I'd blew it down to the lower

one all right and then I want to get

this guy off the board so that he

doesn't cause any kind of shorts or

anything just kind of write them over

here just so he's not sitting on the

board and then I'm just gonna I'm gonna

just kick it just like this I'm not

gonna try to reassemble it any further

and I'm just gonna go in here and

reconnect our radio we still have our

bench supply powered up it's upside down

of course you hear the CD motor going

right there I'm going to flip our switch

on I'm gonna connect up the antenna

because I don't care about getting any

reception but you can see we're locked

right so that's we're in the lock state

again so we put this EEPROM back into a

lock state where the BCM says hey I

don't know what this radio is and it's

the wrong VIN number

so I'm locking it out all right so now

I'm gonna show you how we can unlock it

so I turn the switch off I'm gonna wreak

read iske necked these connections and

then I'm gonna bring it back over here

now before I actually open it up I'm

going to show you these sticker on the

side I was referring to you know here's

where you can see that number that I was

talking about and we could find that

number still left up on the screen from

where we read in the chip previously m14

zero six eight seven seven three nine

that's the serial number of this

particular radio so now let's go unlock

it so I'm gonna go get this guy out of

the way again I'm gonna greet disconnect

our two little connectors for the front

panel and I go ahead and lay this guy

back down horse one of these little

clips on the bottom got stuck there we


all right and then we're gonna have to

get our test clip back into position

again which is very the hardest part of

the whole thing and the reason it's so

hard on this one by the way is you've

got this little metal tab here in the

way and it's always going to be kind of

putting pressure on the test clip and

trying to move it to the side so that

that's what are the reasons why this

particular one is so hard to get a good

connection because you've got this guy

pushing against you all right I'm going

to clear this out I probably don't have

it connected yet and if I don't and I

may break this just to get this going so

you guys don't see me taking two or

three tries to get this test clip to

properly get in position

try it one more time before I do that

all right hey got lucky there it is

alright so now I'm going to come down

here and change this VIN and this

particular vehicle to unlock this is one

six zero three zero nine haven't touched

anything else in here I'm just gonna

write this out I'm gonna clear the

buffer and I read it back in to make

sure it took one six zero three zero

nine and now I'm gonna walk over and do

the same thing take the test clip off

now go ahead and route these guys

through the correct hole this time we

connect up our our large cable we

connect up our small cable get our

little tuning knob here out of the way

so it's not shorting anything out come

over here and hook up our two

connections your CD player come on

should I put our little antenna here

this time and this time we're not locked

and the radio is working

so that's how you unlock the radio

manually so I've shown you two different

ways to do this I've shown you how to do

it with a tech two which is how the

dealer would do it and if you don't have

a tech two I've shown you how you can do

what the tattoo would do which is go in


read the information about the radio

serial number see what the VIN is and

get the VIN matched and coded to the

body control module as part of the setup

procedure we've done that manually by

programming in the EEPROM manually using

an EEPROM programmer and all I've done

here with this you can use any EEPROM

programmer really you just need one

that's capable of reading in circuit I

just used one of these low of five

dollar jobs on ebay actually modified

this for five volt automotive you so

I'll put a link up in the top if you're

interested so I hope this helps you out

helps you save some money if you got

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