How To Remove Glove Box Lock Without a Key

hi we had received many requests on how

to remove the luck out of this glove box

latch without a key

so the key my assistant well but okay so

we'll need we need two paper clips

preferably strong strong or was or

staples long nose pliers small

screwdriver and so first we're gonna

take one paper clip so later on the

video you will understand it so that's a

lock right the silver part is actually a

lot and these four gold things or

whatever color they could be are the

tumblers now you could stick in your key

and usually they'll all go down this is

actually a wrong piece so say that and

that means you I'm unlocked your yeah

you can turn it yeah you can to remove

it so we're gonna show you this way of

doing it without a key

oh no well that yeah that took care of

all the keys there so we're gonna make a

little like a leverage bar now show you

guys how to make one so basically well

this is a solder but you can use um a

paperclip well you have to use a

paperclip so what you basically do is

you're just gonna flatten it down you

can use the pliers to twist it that five

to six times yeah and make sure not to

twist it too much then you're just gonna

flag flatten down this like little gap

and then twist it over like what's it

like in a third quarter oh sorry

that's how you made you all - I'm

twisted but paperclip is strong so bad

untwist and then we'll use this for

we'll put this in here on the top not

the bottom because we got to hit the

tumblers with this other paperclip we

put a little bend in there so you're an

apply pressure and then you gotta hit

those tumblers so let me see there's

always that one in the back of the pain

okay I'm in there okay look at that

bingo so we're now we got it to this but

oh yeah make sure that it's in the

locked position

yeah like it's closed and then now the

trick is here to remove this you're

gonna have to push this little where's

the other one we can show much one you

want to push this in so you're gonna

push this in yeah that silver one you

were to push that one down so you gotta

push it down here and make it apply a

little pressure so it stays down

now you're gonna continue with your lock

back technique get the key in there if

it pops up then you're gonna have to I

think it's gonna pop back up no it's

down there okay that back one that back

tumblers always giving me trouble oh

yeah it hurt pop back out okay so yeah

my assistant can push it down or she

could push it down push it all the way

down and then I'm gonna turn a little

bit okay like okay it's down now so now

I gotta get it to turn Derek a turn you

see that actually turned not like so you

know I don't think you have to turn it

all the way but now this is where your

little screwdriver comes in handy and in

the back here you're getting to this

little gray part right right in here

yeah you're gonna push it tumbler out

I think I turn it too far so I got to

back it up a little bit huh let me use

my little homemade leverage bar here I

hope you guys are understanding this you

guys turn it back a little bit well they

could just email you a question right

yes so we turn it back a little bit

there we go

there it is ba-bam so now we gonna know

so there you have it guys down more

suggestions or comments so we can

contact you and well guys have a nice

day bye