Gerber MP600 Military Issue Multi tool! Review!

all right welcome back everybody today

I'm going to show you one of my favorite

tools that I use for fishing and really

I try to keep it on me as much as

possible for any situation that may need

it but it is the Gerber MP 600

military-issue multi-tool I picked this

one up for about $30 at a military

surplus store it is brand-new and it

comes with a nice sheath that it goes

into that you can put on your belt right

here or clip it or velcro it on to

whatever you prefer if you have a

backpack or something like that but it's

nice that it comes with that however the

multi-tool itself is a pretty phenomenal

because the plier portion you can see it

doesn't quite look like most normal ones

the plier portion actually see if I can

do this one-handed actually slides out

the end and it does have the carbide

cutters you can see them they're great

for cutting wire or anything like that

I've heard that they can actually cut

through barbed wire if you're if you're

strong enough but they are great for

fishing since you only need one hand to

open them to close them you can see

there's a button here and also another

one on the other side and you just

squeeze those and then pull it back and

it will retract you can see there it

does have a little measuring device on

one side and inches one on the other in

millimeters let's open it what we

usually do is just flick our wrist

downward like this and make sure you

hang on to the tool but see there took

once or twice but it's slid right on out

of there now this one is brand new when

the brand new they're a little harder to

slide out because the spring on the

inside is still pretty stout but other

than that when you have them for a while

they will loosen up and slide out pretty

easily but to set the camera down for a

second I'm open this up so you can see

all the different tools that it has so

bear with me

alright thanks for holding on okay here

are the tools that it comes with right

there you can see it does have a bottle

opener a Phillips head screwdriver this

little piece here that I've been told as

a siding tool or a just a place for you

to hook your lanyard on to is what we're

going to use and then it has the saw

blade there and on this side of course

you've got your file you'll see that a

lot of multi-tools it is a fine file you

have a double edged sharpened knife

there and then three various

screwdrivers and of course a little

larger bottle opener right there and on

the backside you can see the little lock

there you have to pull this down to push

out the the attachments that come with

it but overall this is the like I said

before the Gerber MP 600 military-issue

multi-tool and it is one of the best

like I said I picked this one up from a

military surplus store for about thirty

bucks it was fairly inexpensive consider

of fact the civilian use one doesn't

come with the carbide cutters on the

front and they run about sixty to eighty

dollars so if you get one definitely go

for the military version because the

carbide cutters are interchangeable so

there you have it the MP 600 by Gerber

thanks for watching