My New GE Top Loading Washing Machine Review -part 2- Lid Lock Solution

hey guys I want to tell you about the

new wrinkle that I have encountered with

my new IgE washing machine and I'm gonna

try to make this as quick as I can about

this lid lock that I hate so much what

happened was I did not read the manual

you have to read the manual and

everything guys so you know what's what

newfangled thing they've come up with

well I never even heard of a lid lock on

a washing machine this is a new wrinkle

for me it just seems like it's

absolutely insane because when you have

a load and it gets on balance you want

to be able to open that door you want to

be able to open that door immediately so

that you can get in and fix your clothes

well what happened was I did not know

how to get the door open and so my

husband was trying to get the door open

and I said well we're going to break it

trying to get the door up and you had to

be careful with this lid lock very

easily can be broken so then you've got

a repair bill and of course it's create

a problem and the problem that they

created so that they can come up with

the lid lock was they have this thin on

here see it used to be these agitators

were made really nice where you didn't

have this spin where you even hurt your

hand even putting your clothes in so it

gradually went down you know in in you

know wider and wider at the base and

then you had the fins at the bottom well

they got a little bits of a thin in the

bottom but why would they stick this up

in the top here why when when the

wonderful agitators of old was just fine

but they created this see they created

this so they can come up with a lid lock

and and break the machine when people

tries to get the door open because

they're not going to know the scoop so

here's the scoop guys you have to do is

when it goes into the spin and it is off

balance and your washing machine is

dancing across the floor you have to hit

the pause over here the lid lock when

it's green lit up that means the lid is

locked well it's not always locked it

only locks when you are in the precise


and when you're in the spin well the

precise cycle has a little bit of a spin

to it where I don't use that and it's a

water saber I only use these settings

right here guys that and according to

the load so what I did was I hit the

pause and it were wouldn't open so then

I panicked LP tried to get the door open

couldn't and I was worried he's gonna

break the lock so I just turned this I

turned the Select knob and by turning

the Select knob it cancels your load and

then you can get the door up and well

then you just basically have to put it

into the the dry of the drain and spin

cycle in order to get the water out then

you just have to start over but that's

not the way to do it guys you hit the

pause and what the pause does is it will

stop where you can open up the lid

according to the book so this green

light will go out and the pause button

will flash when the spin stops see and

so you have to wait after you hit the

pause you have to wait until this lid

this green light goes off for the little

lock and the pause flashes that's it