How to Restore a Windows 8 gateway laptop

hi in this short tutorial I want to

restore a gate with Windows 8 laptop

back to the original factory settings so

we start with power on the laptop and

while it's booting up you're down

alternate and f10 at the same time

so you're down alternate and have ten at

the same time

so in this next screen you'll choose

whatever your your keyboard layout is

but I'm in the United States so choose

us and now I have this options of

continue exit and continue to Windows 8

or your troubleshoot

so in our case we want to troubleshoot

it we want to reset it back to the

factory settings so I'm going to choose

the second option I'll click on top

troubleshoot so they have three options

here so it says refresh your PC reset

your PC if you want to remove all your

files you can reset your PC completely

so I would choose this one because I'm

trying to restore it back to the factory

settings so I choose the second option

so now here's what will happen all of

your personal files and apps will be

removed your PC settings will be change

back to the default yes that's what I

want to do so I click on next and it

will ask you to choose a to choose an

operating system so we'll choose Windows

8 which is what we want to do so that is

so your computer will be reset back to

the factory settings so all you just

have to do is wait and follow the

instructions that's it so thank you for

viewing this short tutorial