Locking Gas Springs

hi I'm Mike from bonds back easy lift of

North America I will now show you how to

assemble an easy touch locking gas

spring with a push button the first

thing you want to do is take the surface

of your application and assemble the

push button itself you take the button

and you push it through the hole in the

surface attach the retention spring and

then snap on the backside of the

push-button assembly just like that the

next step is to install the Bowden cable

you want to take the end of the Bowden

cable that has the round ball you want

to push it up through the bottom of the

button assembly and rest it into the

cradle and pull it down and now you want

to push the threads up and thread it

into the plastic and then tighten the

jam nut up to the base

the next step is to install the release

head on to the other end of the Bowden

cable I'm going to pull the end out like

so and you want to rest this end into

this cradle and then snap it into place

now we can install the locking gas

spring this locking gas spring is an

easy touch locking gas spring where the

release pin on the rod end is two

millimeters as opposed to a standard

locking gas spring where it's five

millimeters I'm going to take the

release head you want to screw the gas

spring into the release head very slowly

just about until you feel the release

pin bottomed out inside the release head

you don't want to go any further that

will extend the gas spring ahead of time

go nice and slow right about there I can

feel the release pin touch the inside of

the release head at this point I'll

tighten up the jam nut to the base of

the release head now we're ready to

install the EZ touch locking gas spring

into our application and actuate it

using the flush mount easy touch push

button now there are several different

types of locking gas Springs now this

particular system is for if you're using

a single gas spring on your application

if your application requires two gas

Springs you can use a similar system

with one push button a splitter and two

gas Springs this will actuate both gasp

Springs at the same time

another type of relief system that we

offer is a fixed release mechanism this

is for a standard locking gas spring you

simply mount this fixed release

mechanism to the side of your

application and actuate the spring using

this lever lastly we have a hydraulic

locking gas spring the standard locking

gas spring with hydraulic fluid in the

line and a plunger to actuate the rod

now I'm Mike from bonds bock easy lift

of North America and that's how you

assemble a locking gas spring