Locking Gas Cap Lost Key - How To Open with a Screw Driver!

definitely stay tuned until the end

because I did get this to work Ryan here

for silly reviews check this out we have

this 2007 Jeep Compass that's almost out

of gas and as you can see here it has a

locking gas cap but we do not have a key

for this so I've looked up a couple

ideas online to remove a locking gas cap

if you don't have the key and we're

gonna try a couple of them and see if we

have any success and hopefully this will

help you out so the first method we're

going to try is inserting a flat head

screwdriver and turning it in the lock

just like you would key that may work

now if this works

then I don't know how much faith you can

put just having a locking gas cap but I

also don't know who's stealing gas

anymore but if you have an angry ex they

might try to pour some sugar on me

I mean pour some sugar in your gas tank

so it could be a good idea and plus

women might not be able to know how to

open this I'm just kidding here we go

method two will involve me pushing and

turning counterclockwise like you would

on a childproof medicine bottle that

will lead me up a creek because I won't

have a way to hold the camera so here we

go method one we're going to use a

flathead screwdriver as if it was the

key see it'll turn but it'll stay long

I'm gonna be a little bit more forceful

and I really pushed it in this time

really pushing against it I don't think

I'm having any success I'm out of ideas

so good luck removing your gas cap that

has a lock on it and your locking gas

cap you have no key for it

I'm Ryan for silly review sorry about

that but I do I do hope I see you in the

next video man this is disappointing cuz

this thing is okay wait up update I

surely hope you if you hung in there for

this I got it to work I just I went all

in I went all in and I just jam this

thing in there so tight and I was

pushing really hard against it all my

might and I started turning it and then

the cylinder turned by itself and I knew

I was in I knew I was in check it out

boop bop now I can put a little gas in


here we go two thumbs up for this method

of opening a locking gas cap when you

don't have the key but then I also give

it two thumbs down because this security

is whack come back for the next video

okay Ryan fear for silly reviews