How to Unlock a Garmin Nuvi : Garmin GPS

now I want to talk to you about how to

unlock a Garmin Nuvi GPS device now this

is a newer Garmin it's a Garmin Nuvi

2595 LMT and it has a sweet little

feature on it for unlock if I'm hand

holding it and I click on the power

button up here on the top if I click on

it it's locked and what this does is it

prevents you know from pocket-dialing

sort of like a cell phone it keeps you

from pushing anything if it's in your if

it's in your pocket or if it's in your

you know in a carrying case and you

carry it into a meeting or something you

don't want it going off in the middle of

your meeting so it locks the screen and

all you have to do put let's single

click on that again is double tap on the

lock and it'll automatically unlock the

GPS again if you push the power button

single single tap on top and then you

turn it on again it's automatically

locked because I'm hand-holding it and

it senses that if I go ahead and I let's

turn it off if I go ahead and I click it

on to the car mount on the window the

windshield and then I turn single click

the power button on top the GPS

automatically turns on it senses I'm in

the vehicle and then I'm ready to use it

so this is how you use the unlock

utility on a Garmin Nuvi