How to open a mechanical combination safe lock

all right what we have here is a group

to Sergeant Greenleaf locked

this is a typical common three wheel

safe lock I'm gonna give you some basic

opening instructions what we have here

is our crows foot which is our opening

index this mark over here is the change

index case we change the combination

we're not getting into that today I'm

just going to show you how to open it up

so what we need to do first is you're

our code is 20 so we need to go four

times left counterclockwise to 20 so

press it once twice three times we won't

stop right on 20 the fourth time all


now we want to go to our second number

which is 40 so we go clockwise to forty

three times so they passed it once

passed it twice I'm gonna stop on the

third time now our last number is 80 so

we're gonna pass it once

and we're gonna stop on it the second

time right on 80 all right now what we

need to do is go back to 0-2 retract the

bolt so we go back to zero all right the

the lock is stopped and we turn it just

a little bit more and it retracts the

bolt this is our bolt and to clear it

out which locks it back we just turn it

back counterclockwise retracts the bolt

and then we turn it a few times to clear

the combination and that's the basic

operation of a group to sergeant

Greenleaf lock