Finding the Combination to a Safe

this video shows how to figure out a

combination to a lock on a safe you will

need to have the door open in order to

do this a lot of safes come with a key

that overrides the combination and

allows you to open the door if your safe

door isn't already open or you have no

way to get it open you will need to

contact the company this particular safe

was given to me without the combination

but I had the key I will demonstrate how

to figure out the combination to this

safe the first thing you need to do is

open the door this door has a panel on

the back that covers the mechanisms on

the inside remove this panel by taking

out the four screws that hold it in


locate the combination disks

start by clearing the lock by turning

the knob several times to the left as

you do this notice the disc closest to

the door

notice the notch on that cam this notch

needs to be lined up to the latch


you will now look at the knob this will

be the first number to your combination

that you will write down

you will now slowly turn the knob to the


watch the second disc and stop turning

when the notch is lined up with the

latch be careful not to overshoot if you

do you have to start the whole process

all over again

this will be your second number to the

combination that you need to write down

now slowly turn the knob to the left

until its notch is lined up with the



this will be the third number that you

will write down for your combination now

you will slowly turn a knob right until

the fourth disc catches in the latch

this will be the last number to your

combination that you will need to write

down you now have the numbers to the

combination but you're not quite done

yet you now need to clear the lock and

then count the number of revolutions it

takes to land on each number to engage

the latch at this point it's a good idea

to practice the combination multiple

times once you're satisfied that the

combination works you can now return the

panel to the back of the door the safe

is now ready to use