How to Dial Open a Combination Lock For Safes

hi dye the safe guy here to talk about

how to open a dial combination lock I'm

going to give you the instructions on

how to do it and show you how to find

your combination when you're new safe

arrives look at the handle on the safe

you'll find an envelope similar to this

one here that's sealed open it up and

pull out the dial combination card on

this car will be the three numbers that

you'll need to open your safe along with

instructions on how to open a dial

combination lock

okay the first thing you want to do is

check the handle and see if the safe is

open or closed if it's open then you

want to close the handle sometimes when

they ship the handle will be open

because it's secured by the packaging

the next thing you want to do is look at

this lock there's two hash marks the

first one at the 12 o'clock position is

the one you use for your combination

first you want to do what we call

clearing the lock turning the knob to

the left

pluck counterclockwise three or four

revolutions and then to the right three

or four revolutions and then stop on

zero right at the 12 o'clock position

this is where you will start your dial


now look at the dial combination card

which has your three numbers and the

instructions on how to open your lock

refer to this and read it carefully

while following my next instructions

okay the first number is 88 so you want

to turn counterclockwise stopping when

the first number comes to the mark up

here the fourth time so let's go here we


once past 88 twice three times and then

stop on 88 right there next is 65 so you

want to turn clockwise to the right

stopping when the second number comes to

the mark

the third time so let's go to 65 one two

and on the third time we stop right


you can go slowly don't hurry don't spin

it fast the last third number that you

have to memorize is 31 in this case so

turn counterclockwise stopping when the

third number comes to the mark the

second time so here we go to 31 one two

be sure not to touch the handle during

this process

the last thing you do to open a dial

combination lock is turn it opposite

direction which in this case is

clockwise to the stop number the stop

number is a fourth digit that's

programmed into the lock but you don't

need to memorize it so let's turn to

that stop number two where the dial it

won't move anymore you see here this

dial will not move that's your sign to

open the handle so let's do that we're

going to open this handle and boom the

safe opens

okay just like everything in life you

need to keep practicing with the door in

the open position like this you just

close the handle and mimic that the safe

is closed then continue to spin the dial

until it clears and then run your

combination five six seven eight nine

times just like when you were in high

school and you first learn your first

Locker combination if you practice this

over and over several times before you

actually start opening the safe for real

you will memorize it and it'll make it

perfect for you

another thing you need to know is this

combination should not be kept in your

home you want to give it to a trusted

relative or friend or if you have a safe

deposit box put it there or even take it

to work do not leave it in the house if

the bad guys break in they can find it

and then get into your safe easily

okay let's review when you're safe gets

there in your own packet you'll find a

brown envelope similar to this seal open

it up take your private combination out

read the directions on here and then go

down and clear the lock by turning it

many times to the left and right and

then come back to 0 to the 12 o'clock

hash mark begin to do your combination

and follow the directions here and then

lastly don't forget there is a stop

number so that last number you don't

have to memorize but you turn the dial

to the right or clockwise through your

fourth and last number finally practice

practice practice

with the door open don't do it with the

safe closed do it with the door open

once you think you have it then you'll

have many years of enjoyable use of your

safe thanks