How to Dial Open Your Mechanical Lock

hi my name is chef Brian with maximum

security I'm here to show you how to

dial open your mechanical lock that you

might have on your gun safer other safe

at home I'm going to give you a couple

of tips the first thing

forget everything you think you know

about these locks it's not your

highschool lock it's not your bicycle

lock it's a high security lock and needs

to be dialed very specifically you'll

notice first on the ring around the dial

have two indexes this first index at

about 10:30 on the dial is the change

index here is the opening index and

we're going to do everything in this

exercise with the opening index in mind

so what I do now is I've got my three

numbers in the combination and I go

counterclockwise to the left I passed

that first number three times and I

stopped on it the fourth time exactly at

that opening index at 12 o'clock from

this point I go clockwise to the right

and I pass my second number twice and I

stop on it the third time when it comes

to that opening index again at 12


from this point I go counterclockwise to

the third number I pass it once and then

I stop on it the second time and the

final step is to turn the dial to the

right until I can't turn it any longer

turn the handle of my safe and swing the

door open and you're in it's as easy as