🆕How To Open A Locked Garage Door From The Outside | WITHOUT Garage Door Opener Remote


okay guys so I picked this thing up

right here it's called an airship and

basically it's got a pump on the end

squeeze it this little air bag it's this

little button releases there pretty cool

little Co hangar on this airship get

into your garage door

with these two items alright guys take

your air sham and get it off flat like

that and stick it underneath the door

like that under that trim and just push

it under and start pumping it up

should be about good so it get you a

little crack like that so you're able to

stick a coat hanger in there that's

about it right there right there so that

air shim is gonna give me a gap so then

I want to take this let's go here put a

hook on it I bent it about like this

it's got a hook on it about like that

then I put like a handle on the end here

just kind of been it just like so with

that hook this must have got hook up in

there and I'm gonna refresh for my pole

rope for that red rope it's hanging down

from the garage door opener so here we


it's really hard to try to get that road

mónica have a minute break hi guys

this took me it took me about an hour

what the hell

45 minutes of messin with that rope on

my own garage door with my wife on the

other side actually telling me up-down

left-right until I finally got good at

hooking it so I got a hooked right now

someone go inside and I want to show you

there we have it guys the inside look at

the coat hanger hooked onto the pole so

essentially that huh grab that rope and

then from the outside you're gonna pull

straight down you inside your house we

are back outside so coat hanger it's

give it a nice tug like that

I just tugged it I'm gonna do it again

just to make sure okay I felt it

actually felt it release so let me set

it back in bingo


for that motion I'm sure there's a whole

lot of uses for it a cheap solution

other than having like a locksmiths come

out and drill through your deadbolt and

your locks

you know virtually fit you in your house

was 12 bucks a Humvee bow coat hanger

get you a wire that it's close to a comb

hair we will bend it like I have it bent

in this video and go fishing no fish for

that red rope it may take you a little

while but eventually we might get it

pull down and release the garage door

from the open and allowing you to

manually open