How to unlock locked games on ps4 for good

what's up dude mr. boys face J here or

as most people know unfazed like BOTS

and today I am so you guys how to get

these locks off of your games that you

want to play and yeah I've been trying

to do that too

and it's been locked so basically all

you want to do is you want to go to

settings most people say this but this

is not me I don't go to settings I can't

manage me trying to restore licenses

restore licenses it's not something just

it actually this looks something like

this depends on when you guys in this

video she doesn't like this you're okay

as long as I was like we don't want to

see something something right how many

tickets stuff is left yeah you want to

restore licenses don't say light skins

restore word click ok go back as you see

still locked but if you have an account

that has the game unlock like I'm gonna

try to ket because I don't want to

cancel another account I just have I had

it when I come car reset so I'm gonna go

to K 18 switch user right go over to the

counter has it as you can see is locked

here but you click on it


little stole that you're going because

it's on that account mainly on switch

user I said you can go back to here and

bam you got here so to k18 do that way

any game you want it'll work so you're