Hard reset for Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro Model SM-S737TL

okay let's do a hard reset on this

Samsung Galaxy j7 sky pro formas we

power off and removing the external

memory card to save some files like

pictures videos and contacts okay this

process will remove any password pattern

or pin blocking the screen with the

phone or even Google but it is very very

important that you know your Google

Account like email and add in password

because after the factory said you need

to verify the Google service Google

account if not you don't be able to

verify that and you won't be able to get

to the home screen or initial setup so

it's very very important that you know

the information okay you wanna start

with the phone power off you're gonna

use volume up home button and power key

when I hold those three buttons together

until we get we get a recovery menu on

the screen and then when I release the

three buttons okay ready

you wanna start valium up home and power

trace continue holding continue holding

those three buttons

continue pressing ok we are getting

closed hold ok now I'm going to release

these three buttons when you will get

this recovery menu okay using volume

down we're gonna highlight and select

wipe data/factory reset press power key

for enter ok and confirm the

everything's gonna delete so it's very

important to remove any memory card to

save some files using volume down

highlight yes press power key or enter

and your phone is wiping every

information store in this one and last

step is automatically highlight reboot

system now so just press the power key

and the phone will report ok so here

it's gonna take a few minutes to get the

initial setup just be patient there so

this process remove also calibrates

motherboard that means if your phone

gets stuck on the tracfone logo or

Android package or samsung logo and it

won't be able to

it doesn't fully power on that means

that your brother motherboard has issue

with so just you can do a hard reset

pressing the values that we press at the

beginning of the video and that helps a

lot to cultivate so and also helps a lot

if you create a lot of trap calls or

your phone goes off

just some after couple minutes after you

use the phone so this process also helps

to fix that problem so while you do that

you need to make sure that you did a

backup on all the information on your


like any multimedia contacts and

applications and then you just start

with the publicist for her reset process

okay so here is gonna take a song fly to

a minute so just be patient

he takes it longer than that just remove

the battery you re boom de Velde wait

five minutes and then start over again

okay so this is how to oh I only ever

take longer than eight minutes later so

I still there so just be patient and

then we want to start to get to the

initial setup screen okay so we are on

the initial setup screen so if you did I

have reset or just buy this one as a new

phone this how to start okay so

automatically you have the language

selected and now we wanna touch the

start and you have a Wi-Fi you can go

ahead a register or if you have an

active SIM card from family mobile just

and you can insert on your phone by now

and then automatically you will see

Network on the top of the screen okay so

if you don't have anything you don't

have any SIM card or no Wi-Fi to restate

don't worry about it just go to next and

then skip anyways and terms and

conditions this is about Samsung such as

agree to all because in now you want

able to continue so you have to do it

now next Google services I so chest

leave the Google services on location

services is very very convenient if you

were in a hurry finding any place like

gas station restaurant or clothing store

first door and the first store that will

lunch Google is the one close to your

location so I suggest you leave this on

it's extremely important improve

location accuracy by allowing apps in

service it's come to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

so any any invitation like even

McDonald's nowadays is free Wi-Fi free

and any other restaurants or stores

taking they provide free Wi-Fi for their

customers and hotels also so

automatically will notify when you have

a few Wi-Fi so that helps a lot to save

your data you know your carrier's data

and you wonder you haven't written for a

plan so I so used to leave that on hold

improve your Android experience

automatically send in general single

device app usage data to Google obey the

meansa also if you in your phone get any

updates Android will sent a notification

on your phone settings so you can do

update in get better experience on your

motherboard so that helps a lot so I

just leave them also okay so by

continuing the agree that this device

may also romantically download and

install updates and apps from Google so

that's all so that helps a lot to update

any application that you paint unloading

on Google Play so we are any news on the

application automatically will show and

download but I suggest to do that when

you are in Wi-Fi so you can say your

carriers their careers data okay okay so

now just go to next

and this step is very important to set a

name on your phone the reason is that

you get to lose your phone and and they

yes your pattern pin passcode which is

in lock screen and then Android Google

will will see that your phone it has

been compromised

so they want to have to verify this step

to enter the name of the phone so if

they fail to do this and then they won't

be able to use your phone so that means

that you protect your data you protect

your email password and any important

information that you have on your phone

so I suggest to set a nickname for your

phone okay once you're ready just go to

next and set a lock screen parent pin or

password you can do it now you're

welcome to do it now

but you can do this also after well

later on your phone settings so even

you're not ready just go to now okay in

samsung account you already have an

account or from Samsung you can go ahead

and sing sign sign in if not you can

create an account

this step is is very very convenient

find my mobile find mom of my mobile is

if you get too lost your phone you can

log into any desktop computer or laptop

with your Google account

I mean samsung account and you can

actually see where your phone is it so

this is a very nice feature that Samsung

and Google has now because usually

iPhones are the one that has the Find My

Phone for mobile or something but now

you can do it with run on Samsung so our

galaxy so just I suggest to do trick

Stella on your Google's on to Samsung

account so you can you can basically

find your phone

and block your phone so the person that

find your phone do what they won't be

able to see your information okay so

just choose any any of these registered

with Samsung is very nice feature just

work for now you're gonna skip it so

just skip in more useful features

isolates too so I suggest to leave

everything on and just got to finish

okay so now you have a Wi-Fi or a

familiar mobile active SIM card you

should be able to connect before now I

just go to later okay we are on the main

screen of this phone samsung galaxy j7

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