How To Reset Samsung Galaxy Sky - Hard Reset and Soft Reset

hello everyone in this video I'm going

to be showing you how to factory reset

your Samsung Galaxy Sky alright I'm

going to show you both methods of the

factory reset one through the settings

and also with the buttons which is the

hard reset alright so first off I'm

going to show you how to do the soft

factory reset which is to do settings

alright so we're going to go to apps and

we're going to find settings okay and

then here we're going to scroll down to

where it says backup and reset ok then

you're going to scroll down to factory

data reset alright and then we're going

to hit reset device and then once you're

ready you're going to hit delete all now

remember to back up anything that you

don't want erased because everything

will be deleted your contacts pictures

videos everything so make sure you do

back it up before you do this alright

once you hit that the reset process will

begin alright so now I'm going to power

off the phone so I'm going to show you

how to hard reset it alright so once the

phone is completely off what you're

going to do is you're going to hold the

volume up key the home button and the

power button all three at the same time

when the Samsung logo comes up let go of

the power button and continue to hold

volume up and the home button and the

Android is going to appear once you see

it you're going to let go and it's going

to boot into the Android recovery screen


all right so it's at the Android

recovery menu here you're going to

scroll down with the volume button to

wipe data/factory reset' and then

confirm with the power button and then

you're going to select yes and hit the

power button again so it's going to be

doing the reset now as you can see this

is data wipe complete that means that

the reset was done and you're going to

hit the power button to reboot the phone

so the phone's going to reboot now and

it's going to be it's going to start up

at the initial setup of the phone like

when you first buy


all right so as you can see the phone

has been reset back to its factory

condition it's at the initial setup of

the phone all right so that's how you

factory reset your Samsung sky soft

reset and hard reset I hope this video

was helpful it was please give it a like

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until next time guys please