Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Remove Pin Code Lock /Finger Print Lock/Face Lock/Intelligent Scan Security

you only should buy under a doctor back

again with another video okay so in this

video I'm going to show you how you can

get back into your Samsung Galaxy S 9

plus if for some reason you've been

locked out of it so let's just say

you've got your lockscreen pin set as

your lockscreen security and you've

forgot the pin chord or let's just say

you've got the intelligent scan or face

recognition set as your lockscreen

security but for some reason you forgot

your PIN chord or the fingerprint

scanner on the back isn't working of a

iris scanner up at the top stopped

working so you can't get back into the

device I'm going to show you how you can

get back into it so I'm the one that

doing this will wipe the device clean

but I'd rather wipe the device clean and

getting access back to the device rather

than be shut out of it so yeah I'm gonna

show you how you can get back into it

it's real simple to do all you've got to

do is restart the device but before you

press the restart button you need to

hold down well right before you prick

right after you press the restart button

sorry all you got to do is press with a

volume up button the big split button

and also of a power button you need to

press all three at the same time so

let's just do that so we're gonna press

the restart option because if you press

power off it's not going to turn off so

we have to select the restart button

so restart and then you're gonna press

all free volume up Bigsby button and the

power button all at the same time until

it takes you into the stock recovery mod

and from here just use the volume button

down on the side and scroll down to

where it says wipe data/factory reset'

let's just focus in wipe data/factory

reset' and then press the power button

on the side to select it and then use

the volume down button again to go to

yes and then press the power button on

the side to select it and then it should

vend over white

okay if you can see they're white they

are complete so use the volume button

again here on the side and now press the

power button make sure it's highlighted

there where it says reboot system and

press the power button to reboot the

system and then once it boots back up

you should be back into the device

just remember you've given a hard reset

here so it's gonna take a while to do

back up

okay so just gonna reinstall the


and you love to go through the whole

sale process again

okay I might have to sign into my Wi-Fi

here just to get possibly a bit a bit

quicker hold on

there we go

okay saying the device was reset to

continue sign in with a Google account

but was previously synced on this device

so all you got to do is just sign in

with your email address

okay and then you can Restall you can

restore the device or if you don't want

to restart you can just select the dot

restore option so I'm gonna select


I didn't finishing touches skip skip

he can restart there from the sampson

cloud if it was saved on there or from

an old device tourists are hit next and

then finish and we should be back in

couldn't find location all right just do


okay so we're all done and we're back

into the Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus so yeah

guys this was just my video showing you

all how to get back into your s9 plus if

you will sure out if you forgot your

fingerprint I mean if you forgot your

password sorry or if you fingerprint

scanner stopped working yeah so if this

video helped you out already not to do

give it a thumbs up thanks for watching