Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus - How To Bypass Android Lock Screen / Pin / Pattern / Password

what's up you guys did he flip tronic so

I'm gonna be showing us how to bypass

the lock screen if you don't know your

pin/password passcode whatever for the

s8 and the Galaxy S 8 plus so before you

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subscribe button okay so I got to give

it up to Samsung they did make it a

little bit trickier in order to bypass

the lock screen on these new phones I'm

gonna be showing you guys the hard reset

method but it does work you guys and it

will get you back into you know NES

eight or s8 plus okay so anyways um I'll

show you why it's tricky so you can't

normally have to power off your phone

but watch what happens when you click

power off so if you guys have any kind

of password protect protection on this

phone you'd have to enter it again in

order to turn off the phone so the only

other way around this you guys is to hit

the restart button so when you guys tap

restart it does work so now what you

need to do when you restart it is

continue holding the power button the

volume up button and the lock screen

button so you're going to hold all three

of these simultaneously you guys so get

ready to be holding them okay so as soon

as the Samsung logo pops up you want to

release the power button to continue

holding the other two okay as soon as

you guys do that you'll get this little

Android guy that comes up so let's just

you know give it a second and then um

you know it should be blue the screen

should be blue it shouldn't be black for

when you're doing this to well because

your new this little no command prompt

now you got to wait literally like a few

seconds so sometimes you know it'll just

go to the next screen itself or you need

to you know hold down the power button

for a little bit too but normally I wait

a few seconds before I try to get to the

to the next thing okay so there you guys


so wait a few seconds for when that no

command screen comes up and then tap the

home button and it should take you right

to where you need to go right here so

you'd use the volume down buttons you

guys to do the wipe data/factory reset'

now as soon as you guys have that

highlighted you just need to click the

power button I'm not going to do that

because I don't really need to do that

for this phone but when you guys get to

this screen and you you know click the

wipe data/factory reset' it will allow

you to get back into your Galaxy s8 or

Galaxy S A+

as long as you have everything backed up

on a PC laptop you know Google Drive

Dropbox Dropbox account you should be

good to go you guys and you know just be

certain you know not to make that

mistake again but this will allow you to

bypass you know the lock screen you guys

if you don't know your PIN passcode

password or whatever so anyways you guys

I hope that helps you out like I said I

got to give it to Samsung they did make

it a little bit trickier because you

can't even turn the phone off without

knowing you know your you know your

password which is pretty tricky but as

long as you get that restart button

it'll restart your phone to get you into

that screen so thanks for watching this

video guys like I said please hit that

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