How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7

hi everyone Aaron here for Zolo Tech and

I wanted to show you how to unlock a

Samsung Galaxy s7 this is an s7 that's

actually locked to AT&T you can see

there's their symbol there and what that

means is you can only use the phone when

it's on AT&T 's network meaning you can

only use an AT&T SIM card now if I want

to unlock it and be able to use it

worldwide or with t-mobile or any other

carrier that's gsm-based I need to

unlock the phone so in order to do that

you can do a couple things but what I

need to do is first get the IMEI number

and the IMEI number is found in the

dialer that's the quickest way to get it

and then you bring it to a website I'm

using the unlocking company comm so

let's first get the IMEI and let me show

you that so we'll go into the dialer

we'll dial star pound zero six pound and

that will pop up the IMEI number now we

need to take that number and pop it into

a website and I'll show you that now

we're at the unlocking company comm and

the first thing we need to do is select

our phone manufacturer so we'll go ahead

and click on this we'll select Samsung

now we need to select our phone model

and there's quite a few so just scroll

down until you find what you need here

and you'll see there's the s7 unlock

code that's the one we need so we'll

click on that and then we'll click get

unlocking code when this page comes up

we need to select our country we

purchase it from in this case it's the

United States then we need to select our

carrier and this will very obviously

depend on which country you're in so

we'll select AT&T and now we need to put

in the IMEI number this is the number we

got earlier once you have your IMEI code

in it will tell you the price and the

time you should expect it in so in this

case it's this amount and one to six

hours and this can vary depending on the

carrier and everything else so let's go

ahead and hit get unlocking code and on

this screen it's pretty simple we're

just going to pay and once we've paid

we'll get a confirmation email and then

in a few hours this one says one to six

hours we should get an email back with

the actual unlock code to unlock the

device let me show you how that works

now once you get your unlock code from

the unlock income

you'll need to actually put it into the

device so to do that what we need to do

is let's first power down and then we're

going to pop the SIM card out I've got

my sim card removal tool right here will

pop the SIM card out and then we need to

put in a SIM card other than AT&T so

just to do this you could really put in

any SIM card that will fit to bring up

the unlock dialog so we'll pop this out

I've got a micro SD card in there too

we'll pop this out you'll see it's AT&T

let's grab a t-mobile SIM card here's my

t-mobile SIM card I'll go ahead and

place it in I'll slide it in the top

here like that and then we'll power the

phone on we'll wait for it to boot up

and you'll see immediately once it's

booted up it will prompt us because it's

not a registered SIM card it will prompt

us for an unlock code it's booted up

I'll go ahead and unlock it we'll hit OK

and immediately it pops up and says

enter network unlock code now I've got

this code from the unlocking company and

I'm going to put that in place now you

need to be careful when you do this you

only get ten tries if you mess up ten

tries and you try the tenth try and it

doesn't work it'll permanently lock and

you can't do it again

so just be careful here so let's go

ahead and put the code in now I've got

the code in I'm going to go ahead and

hit okay and hit unlock you'll see it

says network unlock successful and then

we can use it on any carrier so we'll

wait for just a moment I've got my

t-mobile SIM card in there let me take

it off of Wi-Fi now that we've put in

the t-mobile SIM card you can see it's

on t-mobile we have 4G LTE a couple bars

here it's fully unlocked and it's really

nice let me show you that it actually

works since we have Wi-Fi off we'll go

to my website solo tech we'll go to the

next link here and it's loading off the

SIM card using t-mobile for the data and

it works just fine and the great thing

about this is it's permanently unlocked

you can use it on any GSM carrier

worldwide and depending on the band's

they have available it should work

pretty well so it

it's really nice and again it's

permanently unlocked so that's a great

thing I use the unlocking company I'll

leave a link to them in the description

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