How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 Active from AT&T

hey there YouTube this is super Shelby

67 and I'm going to show you how to

unlock your contracted phone with AT&T

by using cell and locker dotnet and the

code that they'll provide for you it is

a paid service but trust me it's a great

one so today when I'm looking at my

Galaxy s5 active which I love the phones

really rugged it's very durable problem

is is I'm not in love with AT&T and

they've aggravated me so I want to use

my great phone that I got on a different

carrier and everybody knows that you try

to insert a different SIM card and it

tells you that your phone is locked and

he had so many attempts otherwise it's

locked forever well you don't have to

worry about that you can use your phone

with somebody else you just got to get

the right codes and I'm going to show

you how to unlock it with cell and

Locker net first thing you're going to

need is your phone's IMEI number a lot

of people know that you can take the

back cover off and take the battery out

then find the IMEI number underneath the

battery on that sticker it's kind of a

pain but you don't have to do that the

easiest simple way let's turn your phone

over bring it up and then you hit star

pound zero six pound screen goes black

and there's your IMEI number

don't use my number because it won't

work for you but that's how you'll bring

it up once you have your IMEI number you

can go here to cell unlock or dotnet and

this is their home page that you'll see

so what you want to do since I have a

Samsung you can come right here to

samsung unlock codes or you can go over

to the right side into your code lookup

select which make to begin samsung

unlock codes then scroll all the way to

the bottom or maybe not all the way but

just to this area right here to step one

and what you're going to do is check to

make sure your code is available

instantly some are some aren't

they've got bestsellers here the

don't choose that because you have an s5

active if you have the same phone as I

do go all the way down here the galaxy

s5 active there it is

I think select a current network I'm on

AT&T so you can go down here to the US

or wherever country that you are and

pick AT&T or whatever it is your network

is and then plug in your IMEI number

it'll also tell you right here the quick

way to do it star pound zero six pound

it will pop up just like I showed you

now once you have all that hit look for

code and it will tell you that most

likely it's available and when I put

mine in it said mine was available and

so I went through PayPal paid for it and

gave them the correct email address so

it can come to me and once I paid for it

I got the code back and then you'll have

that particular code that they send to

you to unlock your phone which is the

same thing that you could get from AT&T

if your phone wasn't under contract and

then 18t would just give it to you and

email it to you but here's a way to get

out of doing that if your phone is still

under contract which is a pain but

awesome for the consumer that you can

get out of that so once I've gotten my

code from seller locker net bring it in


Oh sim network unlock so what we'll need

to do is you'll need to get whatever pin

it is and don't try to use my particular

pin folks because they are IMEI specific

and so if you try to use mine it's not

going to do anything for you but lock up

your phone so you got to get your own

pin so once you've entered in that pin

hit unlock oh look at that network

unlock successful isn't that fantastic

now I can use it for any network there

you go that's how you unlock your great

phones to use on any

at work using cell unlocker dotnet