Samsung Galaxy Prevail LTE Hard Reset (hard keys)

hey guys today I'm going to show you how

to do a hard reset on a samsung Preval

LTE from boost mobile now this is

something that a you have to do with the

phone off so that you're going to start

off with the phone off what you're going

to do is you're going to hold the volume

up home button and the power button all

at once keep holding it I mean what

you're going to see is you're going to

go into the recovery so once you're in


you're able to navigate with the volume

up and down that makes the the selection

key go up and down and you actually

select with the power button so in order

to do a factory data reset and you'd

want to do this if you put in a password

and you forgot it or something like that

or your phone's acting up you'd want to

go down to wipe data factory data reset

you're going to select with power and

then it's going to ask you if you want

to confirm if you're sure that you want

to delete everything once you do this it

deletes everything off your phone and

it'll be like a brand new phone so from

here you click yes I'm not actually

going to click is because I'm using this

phone currently so you click yes and

then it's going to delete everything and

it will take you back to this screen

once you're back in this screen you

could select the first option which is

reboot system now and it will just turn

off and turn on your phone and once it

comes back on it'll be completely wiped

out as it fills a brand new phone

hopefully this helps you guys if you

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