How To UNLOCK Samsung Galaxy Note 10! - Fast and Easy

and we are running what's up guys Chris

in here and welcome to another video

today I'm gonna show you how to unlock

your Samsung Galaxy Note 10

now in this case I have my phone this is

a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and

the problem is that it's locked to AT&T

and I use a different carrier I used

t-mobile so I'm going to show you how to

carrier unlock your Galaxy Note 2 10

it's a very simple process I have

unlocked hundreds of phones before and

today I'm going to show you how to

unlock carrier and lock this Samsung

Galaxy Note 2 10 now I have to mention a

couple of things this is a carrier

unlock this is not a passcode unlock so

if you forgot the passcode this video is

not going to help you there's gonna be a

factory carrier locked and once your

phone is unlocked you will be able to

use it with any carrier in any country

it is as simple as that it is a very

simple process I have unlocked many

phones before and the process is very

similar to the other to the previous

phones we have unlocked by the way this

is a paid service so this is not a free

unlock this is the best way to unlock

your phone you only need your computer

your cell phone in this case the Galaxy

Note 10 and a SIM card that's all you

need to unlock your phone

so without further ado let's begin the

first thing you have to do is to get

your phone's IMEI number to do that

simply dial star hash zero six hash and

as you can see here in the screen your

IMEI number will show up this right here


is the most important step using the

IMEI number we are gonna be able to

unlock this phone now the next step is

to go to the computer and the rest of

the process will take place in a

computer so let's go ahead and switch

cameras alright guys so we're gonna go

to the website unlockriver.com the link

is in the description of this video

anyways here we're gonna unlock the this

smart phone we're gonna be requesting

the lock code by filling in the

information right here first we're gonna

select a carrier that my phone is locked

to in this case my phone is locked to

AT&T in the United States that's where I

bought it and then I'm gonna select

brand samsoon and then we will select

the model in this case I'm going to be


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 you have a

premium service and a normal service the

difference is the delivery time one is

faster than the other if you scroll down

you're gonna insert your phone's IMEI

number does a number we got a few

seconds ago and lastly you're going to

insert your personal email where you

want to receive your unlock code so just

double check it make sure it is 100%

correct because they will send you your

unlock code this email if you scroll

down you're gonna see the price we

unlock your phone and they deliberate

timing in this case it's as one to two

business days

that doesn't include weekends so you

have to be very patient I'm gonna hit

unlock now on the following screen

you're gonna see a summary of your order

so just to what check everything here

make sure you read everything

it is 100% safe I have done it more than

50 times I haven't looked more than 50

phones using this method and it works

perfectly if for some reason you get an

error or it doesn't work you will get a

full refund and your order will be

canceled so it is very safe so I'm gonna

scroll down I'm gonna place my order and

after a few hours or a few days you will

get an unlock code so I'm gonna come

back once I have my own code already

alright so as you can see here I'm gonna

show you my personal email and I got

this message from unlock River I'm gonna

open it and it says your unlock code is

ready so you're gonna get a message

exactly like this it says it includes

instructions and the most important part

and the actual unlock code okay this

right here you guys it's what we need to

unlock the phone so this unlock code

will only work one time for one specific

phone now we're gonna insert this code

into the phone alright so the next step

is to fully turn off your phone so once

your phone is powered off we're gonna

insert a SIM card from a different

carrier so for example my phone is

locked to AT&T in this case I'm gonna

use a t-mobile SIM card so I'm just

waiting until the phone fully powers on

and it's gonna take a few seconds and

once the phone is fully on it will

detect that we have inserted a

non-supported SIM card and it will

request an unlock code

all right guys so as you can see here I

got this message requesting on a lock

code so I have ten attempts to insert

the correct unlock code if you got a

mistake here you can try again or you

can email them and they will send you

your correct unlock code so I'm just

gonna go ahead and insert their code

here all right so now we're gonna hit

unlock sim network unlock successful

boom now we have a fully unlocked

smartphone this is an AT&T phone running

on t-mobile so it is now fully

compatible in any country it is as

simple as that guys that's all you need

to unlock your smart phone and if you

have any questions just leave them in a

comment section down below and I will

try to answer all of them

thanks so much my name is Christian and

I'll see you on the next one take care