How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Fast and easy

hey what's up guys in today's video I'm

going to show you how to unlock a

samsung galaxy note this word for a

samsung galaxy note 3 - and in the

normal mode so in this case I have the

first samsung galaxy note and I'm going

to show you how to unlock it so that you

are able to use it with any GSM SIM card

worldwide ok so all you need is your

phone or it is something yeah -

something galaxy note I don't know if

you call this a phone or a tablet but

anyways you and you will need a SIM card

and not accept a SIM card for example my

phone is from AT&T and I'm gonna need a

sinker that is not from AT&T alright and

the next step the other thing we're

gonna need is the internet connection on

your computer these works for Windows

and Mac as well or any other computer ok

so now before we get started I want to

mention one thing there is no way to

unlock samsung phone or samsung device

for free ok unfortunately this process

you will have to pay for this process

but trust me it is worth every penny

ok it increases the resale value of your

phone you're gonna be able to use it


so anyways let's get started ok so the

first thing you have to do is remove any

SIM card make sure your Samsung Galaxy

Note doesn't have any SIM card inside

and then you swipe to unlock and you're

gonna go to the phone application ok

down here you open it as if you're

making a call and you click the

following command star pound zero six

pound as you can see that 15 digit IMEI

number will appear in the screen well

actually is 17 but we will not include

the last two okay they only the first 15

digits are very important this is the

most important process of the unlock

process so write it down somewhere write

down this number somewhere or keep it

somewhere close because we're gonna need

it later to generate the unlock code for

this phone ok so I'm gonna leave it on

the side right now and I'm gonna switch

to make up

because that's where the rest of a

process takes place okay so let me just

adjust the camera all right

and we're gonna go to the website

unlockriver.com now in this website

we're going to request the unlock code

for your phone okay so we need to fill

in the information here so let's scroll

down and first you select the original

carrier of your phone in this case is

AT&T so I'm going to look down on the

list for United States AT&T okay

there we got it the next step is select

the phone brand or the manufacturer in

this case it's a Samsung phone and then

you select the exact product okay

exact model of the phone in this case is

a Samsung Galaxy Note from AT&T okay

this works for Europe Canada United

States South America Mexico and many

other countries so then this is the most

important process you have to write down

the 15 digit IMEI number we got at the

beginning of the video okay so I'm just

gonna copy it and insert it here make

sure it is exactly the same as the one

you have on your phone because that's

very important otherwise this method

will not work and the last step is to

insert the email where you want to

receive the unlock code so I'm gonna go

ahead and insert my email here alright

then you click the unlock now and you're

gonna see the delivery time

approximately and the price of the phone

it depends on every model okay so then

we go to the process of checking out and

that's I promise I'm going to show you

exactly the steps you need to to lock

your phone so I'm gonna have to make a

payment so if you don't have a PayPal

account of worry you can use any other

way of payment a credit card or any

other and if your phone is not unlocked

then you get your money back so it's

100% guaranteed so that's it guys

would you get a confirmation right now

so yeah that's it thank you

your unlock code is being generated and

you also get your order ID and

everything okay so you're gonna go to

your email and we will receive an an

email with the unlock code okay as you

can see here is this unlock code ray

however this this process can take more

time and take up two hours but anyways

you will always receive your unlock code

so let's click on it and you will see

here they will not go okay this is the

most important part part of the whole

email it also includes instructions and

everything okay but we are only gonna

need the this actual unlock code okay so

I'm gonna switch back to the phone here

let me just fix it music camera alright

so um you're gonna have to turn off your

phone okay

power off click okay and once it's

completely turn off we're gonna remove

the back cover

and you're gonna insert a SIM card okay

and non-accepted sim card for example if

my phone is from Team from AT&T I'm

gonna insert a SIM card that is not from

AT&T in this case I have a SIM card from


and you're gonna insert it in now you're

gonna turn on the phone okay so we're

just going to wait for the phone to

completely reboot and once it's fully on

it's gonna ask us for the to enter the

unlock code wait just wait here a little

it takes a couple of seconds to to fully

unlock to a to fully turn on and we

should get a message asking for the

network unlock pin or network lock code

so let's just give it a couple of

seconds for the phone to completely

finish up the process so okay then you

swipe here - to unlock and it's gonna

ask enter network lock control key all

right there

is where you insert the unlock code you

receive in the email so I don't know if

you can see it here I'm gonna try to

focus really good okay that is the

unlock code and we are gonna insert it

here okay so let's go ahead and write it

down it's twenty seven ninety six eight

two seven one now before I click unlock

I'm gonna I want to make something clear

this exact code will not work for your

phone because it's only valid for one

phone so yeah once the phone is you're

sure the code is exactly the same you're

gonna click unlock and you choose the

requesting network unlock code unlock

now let's just give it a couple of

minutes and we should get a message

saying successful yeah that's right so

there you have it guys the phone is now

fully unlocked you are able to use it

with any GSM SIM card worldwide if you

have any questions please leave it in

the comments below and subscribe to my

channel and yeah I hope you guys get

your phones unlocked as well