Samsung Galaxy Express 3 Unlock Tutorial IN 5 MINUTES!

hello my name is Scott and on this video

I'm going to show you how to unlock a

Samsung Galaxy Express 3 and this is

going to be a legal factory unlock first

thing open up your phone and type in

star pound zero six pound and send and

it's going to bring up this I'm a number

it's the one up top here you want to

write that down it's going to be a long

number make sure you get it exactly this

part is important so once you have it

written down and you've double-checked

it you're going to go to unlock panda

comm and this is how we're going to

unlock our phone so that you can use it

on any carrier across the world any GSM

network maybe you're traveling maybe you

found a better deal the point is it's

your phone you want to use it somewhere

else so the first thing we're going to

do is select the carrier now unlock

panda has a huge huge number of carriers

here so we're going to search by country

so we're typing in United States and

AT&T for this one

the manufacturer of course is Samsung

you can scroll down or you could type in

Samsung and then model you can see just

how many models there are of Samsung

phones but we're using the Samsung

Galaxy Express today there's actually a

bunch of different kinds but this is the

Samsung Galaxy a3 Express again you can

type that in or you can scroll and find

it and here we are then that I'm a

number the thing that I told you to

write down earlier we're going to type

this in here it's the one that you got

when you hit star pound zero six pound

that number type it in and you can see

the best price it's going to cost a

little under forty bucks I mean it's not

free but it's a hundred percent worth it

to get your phone unlock you can use it

anywhere so we're using our email

address because they're going to send us

the unlock code and click unlock now

all right so on this page we haven't

paid for anything yet I just want to

make sure that you're checking the

information here so that you're you're

getting what you need and not what you

don't need when you are sure you check

out they use PayPal so that makes it

nice and easy we can log into our PayPal

or you can check out as a guest point is

after you do that they're going to send

you an email that email will come

probably within a day if not within a

day certainly within two days and it's

going to tell you how to unlock your

phone and give you an unlock code you

can see it right here the unlock code

okay so we are going to follow these

instructions and type in our unlock code

so that we can use our Samsung anywhere

on any network so the first step that

they gave us power off the phone this is

a simple one right so we're going to

wait for our phone to shut down as it

does we're going to go find that SIM

card on the back here once your phone is

completely unlocked the SIM card on this

phone is underneath the battery so take

that out very carefully remove the SIM

card here

good we no longer need that one or hold

on to it just in case you want to put

your phone back to the way it was insert

your new SIM card for whatever carrier

you want to be on or whatever country

you're in replace the battery and

replace the battery cover make sure

everything is tight all the edges are

sealed and restart your phone so we have

our phone restarting and it's going to

give us all the graphics that are pre

built into this phone here

the Samsung graphic the AT&T graphic

although we are no longer on the AT&T

network after this so let's let's see

what happens it turns on it's going to

tell us that we are on a network locked

SIM card so you have to slide to unlock

and then insert your network unlock code

that was just sent to you in the email

so either bring up that email or if you

have it written down we're typing in the


that was wrong sorry for your unlock

code of course is going to be different

so once you get your complete unlock

code typed in hit the unlock button

going to verify and you get unlocked

success that's how simple it was it's

legal it's quick its unlock panda comm

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