How to Hard Reset/Remove Password Samsung Galaxy Core Prime

or everyone this is a video on how to

perform a hard reset on a Samsung Galaxy

core prime please be aware by doing this

you will wipe the phone of all data and

I mean all data everything will be gone

and see yeah just be aware of that and

it's the first thing you want do is make

sure your phone is off easiest way to do

that and take the back cover off and

take the battery out just plug it back


you don't want to hold down three

buttons we try to volume up the home and

the power when you want to hold these

down till we seal it all and with man

appear then we can it go of them all so

easiest way to hold down volume up home

then hold down the power keep holding

they're gonna spin so you can let go now

she's got this menu let's come up the

one we want to select it's a fourth one

down which is wipe data/factory reset'

it's use the volume down key it's a high

like that wipe data/factory reset' you

press the power bond to confirm that

take you into another screen which says

confirm wipe all use the data

this cannot be undone you've got load of

nose and yes so all the way down volume

down button again all the way down so

yes the legal user data and power bands

are confirm you can see at the bottom it

tells you what's wiping it and format in


once it's done it will say data wipe

complete we've back to the first menu

it's already highlighted the one we want

which is reboot system now you just

press the power button again to confirm

the phone when tower power off and

reboot ends on how much stuff you got on

the phone it may take a few minutes to

for it to come back on

once it's finished doing what it's doing

rebooting you'll be back to this screen

and then which is what you get when you

first get the phone and so we can just

skip through all this

there we go now back in the phone there

we go

that's a hard reset you can see cool

Prime thanks for watching the video it

helped you out you liked it please

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thanks for watching