Photoshop Tutorial - How To Unlock A Layer (Beginners)


hey guys welcome back again to another

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Photoshop tip and tutorial for you today

I've had many questions on how to do


the question is how do i unlock a layer

a background layer or any type of layer

how do i unlock a layer so there are a

number of ways of going about doing this

the simplest being going over to the

layer in the layers panel if your layers

panel is not open go to window and then

make sure the check mark is by the

layers option here once you've done that

double click on the layer and then it

will ask you to rename this layer and

always name it BG for background or you

can type out background it really does

not matter click OK and now as you see

that background layer is now unlocked

another thing you can do is you can

actually go up here and you can right

click on the layer and duplicate it just

like that and it'll be called background

copy click OK and now the copy of that

background is unlocked and you can go

back to the one that is locked and send

it to the trash can if you would like

and another way of going about doing it

would be selecting the lock layer and

then go to layer duplicate layer and

that will do the same thing as

right-clicking on that layer that is how

you unlock a layer now if you have

unlocked a layer and you want to lock

the layer back so you will not mess it

up all you need to do is select that

layer make sure it's highlighted and

then you will see a little lock right

here above the layer and just click on

that the layer is now locked hopefully

this has been a helpful hint and tip

tutorial for you guys in Photoshop if

you do have any questions on how to do

this or working with layers in general

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