Opening Front Door In SECONDS Without a Key BEWARE!

on today's video I wanted to post just a

quick video on a video I just posted

regarding securing your front door I'm

surprised by how many comments I got in

regards to people who were either

unaware or uninformed as to how easy it

was to enter the unit without the use of

your deadbolt so here I locked the

bottom lock I'm going to close the door

and this is how people usually leave

they'll usually just lock the bottom

lock we're not the house don't even

check the deadbolt I wanted to show you

how quick it is to actually get access

to the door now looking at it to you and

me we just see locks and we think this

is secure but to somebody who wants to

enter the premises unknowingly they will

just look at this and they just want to

see if you have the security that's

needed to deter from entering the unit

the house the condo so here I mentioned

on my last video the importance of

putting the security plate around your

deadbolt as well as putting long screws

that will secure to the deadbolt so here

I come to the floor the doors locked

literally if you take a screwdriver you

go right past the weather stripping and

open up the watch see if here on this

one they have the long screws that's

secured to the stud they have the

security latch here here they don't have

the plate that goes around the deadbolt

which is the door guard but you can see

how easy it is so I always urge you I

don't put these videos for people to

know how to enter the unit I do it for

people to educate themselves and to

protect themselves again I just posted

this because of the many comments that I

received and how many people were

surprised at how easily it was to gain

access and they wanted me to just show

you how easy it is so just if you do

have an issue where you want to add

security I do recommend not only putting

the door guard and the long screws to

the stud just little simple steps like

this just allowing yourself to be

informed when you do exit the premises

just make sure that you are putting on

dead bull again there's it's not going

to deter any type of unwanted activity

but it will help in the effort to keep

yourself secure if this video was a help

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