How to Fix #Frigidaire #Washer Door Lock Light Flashing | Washer Not Spinning | FFFW5000QW0


the first thing we need to do is be safe

disconnect the appliance or turn it off

at the breaker to avoid electric shock

today we're going to be working on a

Frigidaire or electro loose model number

it's on the display the problem that we

have with this model is that the door

lock light is flashing all the time and

I put it on low speed the way you see it

is the actual door life that is flashing

and the customer says that it doesn't do

anything else but flashing the light if

they disconnected or turn it off or

cancel it

it will start but when they get to the

spin cycle

it would just quit and it won't do

anything else so they said that they

have to put it in a regular mode and

then put it to spin only and that would

do the job so I try a couple things and

I find out that if you put it on spin

only it will do the spin but if you do

if you put it in any other cycle it will

quit about the time you have to do the


apparently this has to do with something

on the door or the door watch that if

you put it in any other cycle


the machine won't do the spin cycle it

will do the whole washing but it won't

go to the spin process so I spit up the

video on this part that way you guys see

that is going down the ash number is

going down but when it gets to I think

it's about around nine yeah

around 9:00 it well quit now

I'm checking make sure when it gets to

10:00 is when it started raining and I

just want to make sure it's draining



and as you can see is draining the way

it's a postal and the numbers are still

going down we got tonight now if you put

it in spend only it will do the spin but

for some reason if you put it in another

cycle when it reach nine and it's a

possible daughter spin and we just quit


and it will go back to 15 which 15 is

the beginning of the cycle so I I don't

have the time where I put it on spin

only it did went all the way to 1 and 0

I'm checking make sure everything

insides not those or anything but I

already have done my homework and found

that is the door latch that has a



with the door launch now I already got

the part with me

and we're gonna begin replacing the door

latch or door lock for Frigidaire Frollo

or Electra loose washing machine


I was looking for some information and I

find out that this is a very common

problem with this model so we didn't put

her in any test mode or anything because

it was the problem was very obvious is

flashing the door lodge and we already

know I done this repair a lot of time it

is always the door locks now if you want

to go through the whole on paperwork and

do a diagnostic test you can do that but

keep in mind that sometimes the

paperwork will say one thing and there

can be many other things going on so you

kind of learned this down the road with

your experience now we're gonna go ahead

and remove

the boat brain this is the ring that

secures the door board or door seal

however you want to call it to be able

to get to the door lunch now you just

going to press cancel then and turn it

off at the breaker or disconnected yes

to avoid electrocution or something get

damaged so you see I disconnected just

to be on the safe side now you're going

to use affiliate screwdriver or Phillip

head with a drill to remove this piece

of the door latch this is where is

secure at the door like so and now you

got access to the cables

yes to connect this connector from the


I believe this tool wires they go

actually it's three wire that goes to

the indoor lodge and as you can see the

best thing to do is take pictures on the

one side by side just to make sure

you're not lost and trying to see if it

will fade one way or the other just try

to use your phone and take a picture

before you connect it before you

disconnect the other one and before you

connect the new one make sure they the

harness snap in place


I got all three harness connected

secured all three stairs snap in place


they can picture one right next to the

other one I always do that yes for


secure purpose sometimes these are

tenants and the customer is not the

house and they want to know if we



replace the part we can't send pictures

and show them that everything was done

us we put it on the ticket and that's

how we tell the customer that we got our

done right and correct


just getting some extra light I've got a

whole bunch of our flashlights but fun

was kind of Handy at this repair was in

the second floor so just used a little

bit of the phone to get a better like

for this video now as you saw that I

removed the other screws with your

screwdriver I mean with your drill and

I'm putting the the new one back and I'm

doing this screws with Philips

screwdriver the reason why is that this

screws are metal screws and they go in

to plastic part so if you put too much

torque and with the drill you can damage

the thread and the new part so I just do

it by hand to make sure it is done right

and it's not gonna be loose or stripped

or anything so that's the reason why you

see me doing it with my hand now we're

gonna put the door booth ring spring

ring and you can do it like so just grab

a needle know this you will need to much

forced to put it in and some of them

like the LG and Samsung and other models

you will need like a special tool to be

able to put the ring easy knock on the



now we want to plug it back




we're gonna press Start and let the

cycle again and make sure it goes below

nine because right up and nine is when

we have the issue with the door lock

because around nine the countdown from

15 to 0 when I reach my it will quit and

never go back to 15 now just to let you

know guys this repair is already been


about three months after I make these

videos and we never hear from the

customer again

that means this repair was a success

and you can go ahead and go to the

description of this video and buy the

part in the links down below


and we pretty much done


that's it guys thanks for watching