Who Locked the Stove (12/8/10 - DAY 276-277)

well I guess there's no time like the

present to clean up a little mess behind

your stove except that the present

happens to be separate I'm the lack of

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lot of love and a little bit ahead

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from eating the leftovers and marinate

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shoes paying some dudes family friendly

but still playing poker with dudes

cultural mix out of the New Brunswick

sticks somehow they figured out how to

make it all fit on Jeff and jenni saving

their pennies pull out another lobster

yeah we got plenty when chase hall chase

off chase all this real life mixed with

a sitcom so what if I have to

well I've been driving around town the

last couple days after work in order to

get some supplies for some Christmas

gifts I'm making so let's just say I've

been driving around in the car feeling

like a detective looking for everything

but I think I found the right recipe

we'll see those are those are that would

be disclose what I have found or what

I'm going to make shall be disclosed

perhaps on Christmas Eve anyways other

than that and wait in the way of

mysteries I just got home and I was

going to cook up some hamburger actually

moose burger in order to make some chili

and lasagna for multiple meals and I

came home and what happened

my oven is locked and I don't know how I

don't know why when I was growing up

there was a little handle here that

would lock it and unlock it this I don't

know what's going on there was a power

failure yesterday but it's not like it's

the first power failure since we lived

here so I am digging looking for the

manual looking for the manual is that it

electric range yes so I can figure out

why my oven is locked

why me 10 why I don't think so little

kitten oh you're hungry okay let me give

you some food the troubleshooting

section is not telling me why my door

will not open odor from oven yeah like

if you can't figure out that you left

something in there that smells you

shouldn't have an oven okay that's kind

of mean to say oh do maybe I can unplug

it but here's the issue I have not moved

the oven since we bought this house so I

don't really want to find out what's

under it right now but I think I have to

all right this isn't too bad

well a few toys from a little kitten

some dust popcorn kernals

the cable because there is television

with cable possibilities in our kitchen

come on

anyways ah yeah I'm gonna have to unplug

and plug in and hope that do something

we'll see well I guess there's no time

like the present to clean up a little

mess behind your stove except that the

present happens to be type of time and

everyone open that wasn't too bad

I should disclaim I guess the fact that

I do shove the vacuum hose underneath as

far as it'll reach when I vacuum what

are you going to do when you go

let me ten cat hairs going together ten

down electric for yourself so I've got a

nice clean back of the oven but the

doors still locked okay I can see where

it's hooked in there so I'm gonna unplug

it one more time and try to physically

move it with like I don't know a knife

or something so I called the toll-free

helpline if the troubleshooting book

didn't help is what it said so yeah the

lady told me to try it on there to turn

off the breaker so I'm gonna do that

after but right now I need nachos I mean

this happened last time I had nachos too

much of a good thing sweet for breaking

into our Xango Christmas balls now

aren't they pretty

look and all I did was unplug it over

the separate hour or 15 minutes in the

case of my nachos and I plugged it back

in I heard a click

and then it opened so this is good

and why did I even try to open in the

first place yeah because there's some

oil in that lovely cast-iron skillet

because Jeff had made some potato fries

about that long ago and he did a skillet

to cook the hamburger to make the

lasagna and chili