How To Unlock Oven Door in less than 5 minutes?

so first you'll actually pull your stove

out unplug it make sure it's unplugged

there's no power to it pull it out turn

around so you can actually get to it

stoves are very light when you're

actually get them out and then plug so

you can move around a piece once you get

at that point then you're actually going

to remove some screws along through here

here and along the other side and

there's two more in the bottom I've

already removed those except for this

one and I will show you how to get this

back panel off this room this is just a

regular screwdriver that you can

actually fit a bit in to take the screws

out you pull up on it pull out and then

slides down and it actually opens up the

back of the stove okay this is your

locking mechanism for your door okay so

yeah it's got a rod that comes through

so it's in the lock position right now

because you can't open your door so what

you need to do is take these screws out

they're the same as the other ones that

you just took out of it the panel on the

back side

but that to the side and what you want

to do now is grab this pull out on as

far as you can and then you'll take it

off of there okay you can hold it in

your hand or let it fall there's no

electricity connected to it and then

this is actually the locking rod so

you'll take this rod and push it forward

and your door is unlocked now to get

this back into the position where it

needs to be so you can hook this back up

to the to the rod so you can use your

stuff cleaning of it then you need to

remove this Philips head screw right

there this looks like a Phillips head

bit then I have left here put it back in

our screwdriver

take a screw out there make sure to keep

this screw separate from all the other

ones or you can put them together this

is just the only one like it okay see

this has a little limit stretch on it so

you will want to take this off of here

and it see it has a little key way in it

so you'll want to turn this 180 degrees

around make sure the limit switches

inside of it I'm going to push it over

with your finger and then you'll push it

back down what you want to do then is

put the screw back yet

like so and then you're real then you

will go backwards in the steps that you

just did you'll put this back on you

will connect it to the rod you can pull

the rod back out so you connect it to


just like that

and if you wanted to test your door now

you could actually walk around make sure

that it's unlocked

and now you just go backwards from what

you just did and put your oven back


these screws that go back in here

they're just hand tight you're not

really wanting to tighten them down

really really tight

just a normal snag nothing real crazy

that is sheet metal screws

that's it your oven door is fixed you

put everything back together the way it

came apart and then you plug it back in

and your ovens ready to use again thank

y'all for joining me today it looks like

your wife needs to clean the back of the

oven Oh