Dryer will not start, dr displayed, E66 error, Frigidaire Affinity - Home Repair Series

hi I'm Robert thanks for tuning into my

YouTube video I'm a very handy person

I've been fixing things as far back as I

can remember since I was 9 years old I

fix stuff like sheetrock walls small

appliances computers and the list goes

on and on I even have some formal

training and carpentry and computer

repair so I hope you find this

information useful hey I want to start

this video off by encouraging you all

not to be intimidated by the use of a

multimeter the multimeter that I have is

an entry-level meter very inexpensive

cost less than 15 dollars or something

like that at any hardware store or your

your major retailers that have a

hardware department get a multimeter in

the portion of the meter that I use is

the most basic test it's called an own

test all you're doing is checking to see

if there's broken wire or a bad sensor

that current is not flowing through it

very easy to use I demonstrated in the

video so don't let that intimidate you

go spend that 12 15 dollars on a

multimeter get your appliance fixed and

save yourself a lot of money I just got

this Frigidaire Affinity dryer not

working when you dial in what you want

to do and hit the start button doesn't

start give you this door warning so I'm

not the troubleshoot it see what's wrong

with it now supposedly you could hit the

cancel and start button together

and it'll give you the error code for

the Machine so you hold those in for 6

seconds and it's supposed to flash the

error code

this one didn't do it now I have seen it

do it once let me try to select and

cancel button hold that in for six

seconds see if that gives the code they

didn't do it either and I read on the

web where you can dial the dial to

complete revolutions and then stop on

the third one past it then hold those

two buttons in and it's for six seconds

and this you give you the error code

then there it is 66 is the error code so

here's everything I used to fix this a

head a accessory screwdriver philips

screwdriver pair of pliers the actual

thermal switch ohm meter and here's the

part number on that thermal switch that

I got from the part supply store

appliance a part supply store

so as you google that you'll find your

part store now whenever you're going for

parts for any appliance you open up the

door look for the manufacturers sticker

on there and it will tell you the model

number and the serial number that way

when you order parts or go by the

appliance parts enter you'll get the

correct parts so the machine is giving

me a door error so imma test the door

switch first but that error code is

supposed to stand for a thermal switch

so let me test the door switch and then

test the thermal switches if the door

switch is good okay now that you got

your error code you want to go ahead and

unplug the machine because you don't

want to be working on it with it plugged

in you want to get shocked on this

machine you open up the door

and the switch here is right inside the

hinge area now this door switch is kind

of easy to get to so I'm going to use a

little accessory screwdriver and pry the

switch out so you could use one or two

of these to get to switch to come out

okay I got the screwdriver in there I

pried the bottom loose and I'm a proud

of top loose and pulled it out it should

have releases in here let me get this

switch out with two hands okay with the

switch parted way up I work it up get

this bottom one out now I got all three

wires out on the switch so let me go

ahead and unplug it and test it okay on

the switch you're just really checking

for ohms so when you get your own meter

you switch it to the on position at any

reading and now you want to put your two

prongs on there and test for continuity

between the two different problems there

so I got my gauge set there and I'm

gonna use my hands to put it on these

probes okay so what I'm gonna do here

I'm gonna put my ground on the black one

or up here on this orange one really

doesn't matter to just check in

resistance and then I'm gonna hit the

other one on here so I hold one here and

the other one up top and then I check my

own meter with the switch out I said

have a reading and then when I push the

switch in I said leave my reading on my

gauge then I'll move this one to this

bottom probe and with the switch out I

said have no reading and when I push the

plunger in I should get a reading that

tells me that my switch is working


seems that my switch is working properly

so I'm going to go and check the thermal

switches inside the units okay so I

research I go ahead and close the door

and figure out how to get this dryer

apart all right first thing I do a pull

a Philips screw out of here a Philips

screw out of the other side I pull the

top of it back and then it lifts off so

I'll have access to the top of the

machine now after you get the top off

you want to take the top by the front

panel off you take the screw out of that

metal bracket right there take the screw

out of the other metal bracket there and

then you'll lift the front of the panel

off so once those two screws are out

lift it up pull it out set it aside to

get the door assembly off you remove

this screw out of this corner this screw

out of this corner and then under the

door there's two Phillips screws down

there one there and went onto there so

you pull all four of those three

okay after I got those four screws out I

open up the door I got a screw here and

a screw here not seems like this front

door assembly is going to lift off be

careful for your switch wires because

you don't want to break those or mess

those up when you pull this front of the

panel off you get the front of the panel

let's go ahead and unplug the door

switch wire assembly right there after

that you got the light assembly at the

top that needs to be unplugged okay now

that I got the front of the dryer off I

can look in here and I can actually see

a few things I got an exhaust tube there

that has a thermal switch right on the

other side of that so if I take my

camera up over the top of that I can see

that thermal switch there so then when I

come back to the front

and look on this heating element - I've

got two thermals which is there so since

these are easier to access I'm a testes

to first and if they're good I'm gonna

test that third one on that exhaust tube

and all I'm doing is checking for owns

okay I got my arm where you saw way back

there I'm checking the back sensor and I

have nothing when I moved to the sensor

right in front of it I get it reading

see I have a reading there but when I go

to the sensor behind it

I have no reading so I do have one of

those temp sensors that are bad now I'm

going to try to reach over and check the

one over there blindly and see if I get

a reading on that one as well

okay I'm reaching blindly over to the

other sensor and it seems to be reading

fine too so I'm going to assume it's

this thermal switch sensor closest to

the back on this side with just two

wires on it looks like black and yellow

maybe and there's a wires off of that

back sensor they're black and yellow and

yellow okay those are I think in with a

Phillips screwdriver I try to put a

screwdriver on them see if that could

get them loose if not I'm gonna have to

take this side of the driver park which

means that I'll take these screws this

screw here this screw here a few screws

across the back and hopefully this the

machine will still be supported where I

can pull that panel

and get it that so can you see if I can

get a screwdriver in there first I can't

get a good bite on that screwdriver

someone go ahead and pull this screw

down here at the bottom this screw here

a few screws across the top and a few

screws around across the back to get to

that panel off okay I took all the

screws out the top the couple of screws

out the front and then I lifted the

bottom up and pried the side open

because there's a street right there at

the top of that metal bracket that

you'll have to take almost a whole back

panel off to get the side off so I'm

just going to open up the back like this

and access those two thermal switches

there and pull that one in the back that

I need to remove and I'm going to show

you how to test one real good real quick

this is the bad one it has no ohms on it

and this is the good one as you can see

it gives it own reading on it when I put

the needles on the thing so I'm going to

go ahead and install this new one close

the machine back up going on the head

and plug the wires into it now I'm a

screw it back one two two

now I'm going to hook these bottom hooks

from this panel into the bottom of here

and screw these two screws in to the

front of this okay first I'll put this

bottom screw in now I'm going to lift

the top into the track where it goes up

there then I'm going to put this screw

here in in the center after I get the

top lock there now I'm going to put the

two screws in the top side that hold

that water valve bracket in place

actually that was only one screw for

that water valve bracket now imma go get

the door panel panel assembly put it in

place before I put any screws in this

thing the front door panel I'm gonna

hook up the wires to the light and hook

up to the wires to the door switch

that wire harness plug put the two

screws in here the two screws in the

bottom and then the two screws in the

top now that you got these two screws in

place you could probably go ahead and

plug this unit in and set this control

panel on top and see if it works but I'm

gonna go ahead and put it all the way

together since I have confidence that

it's fixed right I got all six screws in

the front door panel assembly

now I'm gonna hook the front control

panel and that slot and that slot and go

on top of it and secure it with your two

screws now that the front panel secured

on I'm gonna go ahead and slide the top

panel on and put the two screws on the

back of the top panel now that I get

everything together I'm gonna go ahead

and plug it back in

all right now it's plugged in first

thing I did notice that the unit did not

have an inside light and now it does so

I'm gonna go ahead and close it up turn

the switch on the 60 Minutes it's so

dirty for some reason anyway let's hit

start see if it starts

and it is rolling so the drive is not

working it was a thermo switch the error

code d66 and it was the one on the back

of the heating element - thanks again

for watching the video I hope you found

the information useful and it helps you

solve whatever problem you're working on

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