How to unlock a freightliner cascadia semi truck

on this video I'm gonna show you guys

how to unlock a door from a free laner

this is the Cascadia right here I should

work on different freight liners I tried

it in a century in a couple others they

should work on different models to like

different brands so it's basically the

same Technic I'm gonna be using this is

the original key for this truck and this

is a key from a different Fralick

different now Cascadia put the straps

you can see that that's the one that

that I'll be using that is not the one

for this truck so this one right here is

the original one that goes into this

truck right now it's open we're gonna go

ahead and lock it right there is lock so

to open it turn this way so right there

is locked so this is like just in case

you were like in a truck stop and you

lock yourself out and there's someone

with a free liner or a different truck

you can ask ask them for their their key

and you can open it up open up your

truck and save some money so this is the

the key with the strap that one doesn't

go for this truck so right there it's


you see he's not

it won't open this is not the key so

what we trying to do is

please play with the key T till it opens

sometimes it even

it only takes the tip or just the middle

of it to get it open let me see if I can

get it open right now on video

so this is what you want to do it like

kind of jiggle the key around until till

it opens

and if it doesn't work on that side try

the other side

there goes right there is open as you

can see right there so that's basically

all you gotta do

let me try it again just see it's open

right there let me see if I can do it

again just for so you can kind of get

though so I'm gonna lock it again lock

it the matters locks is the original key

it's locked try to get it open again

again this is the one with strap it

won't open

and there it goes it open right there as

you can see

see that's basically it so on this truck

I try to get it open from the driver

side door and it wouldn't let me so this

is the passenger side you could tell

this one then open this works for the

ignition key to just play around with it

and this should open and that's it

maybe you can save some money by doing

it yourself this is the view from

Arizona right here thank you guys