How to Unlock a Carrier-Locked Phone: Your Guide to Mobile Freedom

how to unlock a carrier locked phone

your guide to mobile freedom

but does your carrier prevent you from

inserting a sim card from one of its


is your smartphone or mobile internet

capable tablet

locked to one single carrier if so it's

carrier locked

but what if you want to use a sim card

from another carrier or network

the answer is that you'll need to unlock

your phone here's what you need to know

unlocking your cell phone is now legal

in the united states

thanks to a bipartisan bill signed into

law by president obama

but it only lasts until 2015. care to

learn more about the legality of

the unlocking consumer choice and

wireless competition act following this

short-term action

which itself followed a declaration of

the illegality of phone unlocking in


a decision was eventually made by the

fcc to put the power to decide in the

hands of the consumer

as such it is now legal to unlock your


this brings certain benefits to you not

least the option to switch providers as

soon as your contract allows it

just remember that you cannot overcome

the gsm cdma limitations of your device

a sim card from one gsm network can

replace another

but such a sim card be used on a device

that sits on a cdma network

however it is a good idea to get this

done before you leave your carrier

trying to unlock it after your contract

has expired it doesn't happen

automatically when your carrier no

longer cares about retaining your custom

might just leave you high and dry if

you're in the u.s

you'll also need a completed contract

payment plan

in the uk you don't need to have

finished your contract

but you'll still be paying for it all

three options are simple enough

but note that you should put time aside

for this task

whether you're speaking to the carrier

directly or using a third-party approach

unlocking your smartphone can take a

while it's worth checking if your phone

has already been unlocked

perhaps it was given to you along with

the carrier contract

as a gift and you weren't told whatever

the case

to find out if your phone is locked or


you'll need to try it with a sim from a

different provider make sure this is a

compatible sim of the same size

as well as the same network type once

you've done this

boot the phone up you'll usually see

immediately if the sim works

if not the phone will report that the

sim is missing or invalid

even if this doesn't happen try and make

a call anyway

if you're successful the call will prove

the sim is unlocked

if not you'll need to unlock it so read


for example verizon does not lock 4g lte

and some 3g devices

on the other hand a t and t have a few

hoops for you to jump through

on a different network or carrier no

problem consult the giftgaf unlockipedia

for details

once you're confident with the policy

give them a call and present your case

stay calm and ensure you remain

courteous throughout

even if presented with a charge for the


don't like the amount quoted wait a few

months and try again

it may be cheaper next time uk readers

should get in touch with vodafone

e or whoever first of all a quick chat

will reveal whether or not you're going

to be able to network unlock your phone

there is usually a three-month period at

the start of the contract where it isn't

possible to unlock a smartphone

after this they should be able to do it

either for a small fee

or even free another option you have is

to register with one of a few reputable

websites that specialize in acquiring

unlock codes for changing carrier or


however you'll need to pay for the

privilege the process is simple click

the link

register if necessary and follow the

instructions to get an unlock code

you should not need to pay more than

thirty dollars the average price is

around seventeen dollars

often you can pay by paypal although

alternatives are often available

paypal is the biggest online payment

provider but it's not the only one

here are the best alternatives to paypal

you can try

i've personally used this method and

found it was painless

the whole process lasted just 15 minutes

although your mileage may vary there is

one other way to avoid being hit by a

carrier lock

simply don't buy a locked phone in the

first place

this might be easier said than done if

you're already locked to a carrier

but it is wise to avoid it in future

after all

it saves all of the messing about with

phone calls

websites and imei numbers

of course when a new phone is released

and you have the got to have it moment

avoiding a carrier lock might seem

really difficult

with a new iphone or samsung you might

be utterly desperate to get the shiny


considerations like monthly cost might

impact you

being tied to the network probably won't

just wait a few weeks until the device

comes down in price slightly

and becomes available unlocked sure it's

initially more expensive than paying a

monthly premium

but it's almost always cheaper in the

long run in addition to the three

options to ensure your smartphone is


there are two things you should not do

private repair

stores it's not difficult to stumble

across a smartphone accessories store

that offers unlock codes

but to remain safe it's smarter to avoid


at least when it comes to unlocking the

carrier lock after all

these businesses require access to your

phone to unlock it

from a security point of view this isn't


downloadable tools a search of the web

will reveal downloadable tools that can

be used to unlock your phone

free steer well clear of these which

often harbor malware in short

the scams when they're not these tools

are for phones that have long since been

abandoned by the manufacturers

avoiding these is easy don't be sucked

in by the convenience of a local store a

piece of free software

stick with our three recommended options

to get a carrier unlocked smartphone

the great thing about network unlocking

your smartphone

tablet or portable hub is that once

you've done it

that's it your phone cannot be relocked

to different network

any compatible sim card can be inserted

and as long as you have an account and

credit with that network

you'll be able to make calls send sms

and perhaps even get online furthermore

carrier or network unlocking your

smartphone or other device can help when

you come to sell your phone

a phone lock to a particular carrier is

not as attractive as one that is


put yourself in the buyers shoes would

you buy a phone lock to carrier when

you're on carrier b

or would you buy the phone that is

unlocked and capable of being used on

both carriers

most of what is listed above should work

on any phone

however our iphone specific unlocking

steps should work

if you bought your iphone direct from

apple you've got an unlocked phone

that's good for use with any network

but what if you bought it through your

mobile carrier

if you need help there and once you get

your phone unlocked

you may need help setting up your iphone


wondering how to set up voicemail on

your iphone we show you how to get your

voicemail set up so you can start using

it now

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