How to unlock a 2016 ford fusion using the key with a dead battery

Oh guys we got a 2016 Ford Fusion now

let's say the car is dead

right and you can't unlock the doors but

you have the key you flip the key open

all right you push the button flip it

open underneath there's a slot right

here I'm sorry

underneath there's a little hole alright

and it has a key it shows you here like

a little lock symbol to unlock it it

shows your key here you take the key you

push it up when you push it up you got

to use two hands one hand pushing up and

the other hand to slide the cover over

once you slide the cover over it'll

slide this way you take it out there's

your key cylinder all right so let's say

the door locks right you turn it and now

you can open it all right when you're

done take the cover you see the bottom

you see the bottom it's got a little

hole with the key you take it and put it

back here and you slide it closed and

that's it all right that's just in case

if you didn't know you know now you know

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